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Pet Puraan review: Sai Tamhankar-Lalit Prabhakar's series is cute, heartwarming and too much fun

Pet Puraan gives out a good vibe right from the first scene of the first episode to last scene of the last episode.

  • Shaheen Irani

Last Updated: 06.21 PM, May 05, 2022

Pet Puraan review: Sai Tamhankar-Lalit Prabhakar's series is cute, heartwarming and too much fun
Pet Puraan - Lalit Prabhakar, Sai Tamhankar.


Aditi (Sai Tamhankar) and Atul (Lalit Prabhakar) have been confused about having kids. Soon, they come across the concept of being pet parents and as destiny have it, adopt a cat named Baku as well as a doggo named Vyanku. Pet Puraan is about their life as pet parents.


"Urban folks are truly dumb," is what every animal, rural folks and a real pet lover (not the one to think about breed, age or gender) would think. These urban folks impose rules of their own and go to any extent to stand by their word, even when they are wrong. Pet Puraan shows that scenario, only with pets involved and how the 'modern' folks look down upon pets for no reason.

"Instead of prohibiting animals, ban tenants," a dialogue in this series goes and there couldn't be a better way to talk about the story. Pets, animals as a whole have brought happiness to people's lives. There are videos based on that. If in such a case, people cannot respect pets or as Atul (Lalit Prabhakar) says, co-exist, then they shut the doors to happiness on their own and this series brings that message forward very clearly.

Pet Puraan has a great vibe to it. The series begins on a fun note and yet, it conveys a great message. The message is about societal pressure of raising kids and yet, backing out of it.

The series also shows what dealing with kids today is like. It is hilarious and yet, makes you facepalm.

Lalit Prabhakar and Sai Tamhankar's chemistry is almost instant and too much fun. The two are polar opposites and yet, they complete each other.

Pet Puraan shows the realities of being a pet parent and it is a reflection of how animals are treated and should be treated. It is hilarious to see new pet parents deal with what is common for pet parents to deal with. Heavy bags and spending more on pets than yourself is too common and is shown through this series in the best way possible.

Lalit has another surprise in store. He's not just the ideal husband/lover but also a professional and it is something you haven't seen him play before. His acting skills are also on point.

The story is such that it brings out Sai Tamhankar's acting skills too. Her scene with the pet shop owner is one of the best things to happen to the series.

Right from the theme song to the concept, everything about Pet Puraan is heartwarming. The way the new pet parents Aditi and Atul behave is hilarious. It is creepy but shows their love for pets.

Every character in Pet Puraan is interesting. They are colourful but always bring something to the table. Director Dnyanesh Zoting is to be credited for the same.

Even the pets, as expected, are a delight to watch. Ever since Baku and Vyanku are introduced to each other, the two are adorable. Their first fight to them becoming friends, there are some really cute moments between these cuties.

After a point, this series gets cheesy but that is okay because it is equally adorable and yet, quite real. Have you ever seen memes on how fathers who do not want pets cannot live without them once the two bond? Something similar happens here. Pet Puraan shows just what it intends to - about how pets are a part of the family and bring happiness into the hectic and toxic lives that humans have introduced after the concept of money, bargain, exchange and the likes.

The last episode of this series is no less than a movie. So much happens after one scene that you can't help but wonder about the melodrama, even if it is vital to the scenes. This episode makes you wonder if things will get preachy after being almost fun so far but nothing like that happens. The series retains its fun side and makes for the perfect last episode too.


Pet Puraan is one of the rare series that will have your heart from the first scene of the first episode to the last scene of the last episode. Everything about this series gives a good vibe. It is fun to watch and heartwarming too. Do not skip this one.

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