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Pon Ondru Kanden Movie Review: A no-frills, heart-in-the-right-place love story that had plenty of potential

Pon Ondru Kanden is a film that you wouldn’t mind watching. It does not make tall promises, but it does not pack enough surprises either. Read the review here.

Pon Ondru Kanden Movie Review: A no-frills, heart-in-the-right-place love story that had plenty of potential
Pon Ondru Kanden

Last Updated: 08.07 PM, Apr 14, 2024


Pon Ondru Kanden story

Pon Ondru Kanden revolves around three individuals; a gynaecologist Siva (Ashok Selvan), Sai (Vasanth Ravi) who has to take care of his dementia-stricken mother (Sachu) and chef Sundari alias Sandy (Aishwarya Lekshmi). It so happens that Siva and Sai are childhood rivals who part ways after a girl comes in between them. But as years pass by and they reconnect, foes-turned-friends are now in Chennai, with Siva helping Sai out in taking care of the latter’s mother. Both come across Sundari by different means, which sets the ball rolling on who will end up with her.


Pon Ondru Kanden review

Remember a season of romcoms that came out in Tamil cinema, which were nothing but relationship dramas with no sickle-wielding villains and a patriarchal father punishing his daughter for falling in love? They were just about falling in love, (sometimes out) and a collection of light moments that drove the films. Pon Ondru Kanden belongs to that category. Now if you may want to call it nostalgic or outdated is subjective and the film carefully and equally swings between the two for reasons valid enough. It offers to be a light-hearted and frivolous romance drama that you don’t mind watching during your multi-tasking evening.

Pretty much of what Pon Ondru Kanden has to offer was seasoned and cautioned through the film’s promotional materials. It is, at the heart of it, a simple love triangle. And Pon Ondru Kanden delivers exactly that, while taking some delightful detours. What the film gives as an add-on is some of characterisations, which lead into interesting crevices, but end up being one-note. For example, we are told and shown how a slightly-heavy Siva who was body-shamed, grows up to be a handsome and confident man able to talk and flirt with the opposite gender easily. On the other hand, a hot-headed Sai has left everything and became Kumbakonam-bound to serve his mother who is suffering from dementia. It so happens when Sai relocates to Chennai with the help of Siva, they duo meet Sandy under various circumstances.

Pon Ondru Kanden majorly relies on the bromance between Ashok Selvan and Vasanth Ravi, and the quirks each of their characters contribute in determining the course of action of the other. The film too greatly benefits from it. If I may warn of mild spoilers ahead, there is a “twist” that comes when you come to know Sandy is connected to one of them from their past, putting a different spin to the love triangle. While the spin brings a delightful turn to the story, the movie fails to capitalise on the added dynamics it brings along. Instead, it falls one note when the boys try to constantly outdo the other in a typical fashion, rendering it caricaturish. This also makes me wonder how the film had immense potential to be turned into a web series, given the multiple arcs it had to toy around with. While it is delightful to see Sachu back onscreen, a little more to her character explored, would have mighty well helped the film feel stronger. On the other hand, we also get a little of what Sundari is going through. At the helm of choosing between the boys, Sundari’s different dynamics with each one of them needed much more time to be explored, rather than some montage moments.

Pon Ondru Kanden verdict

Pon Ondru Kanden is a film that you wouldn’t mind watching. It does not make tall promises, and it does not pack enough surprises either. But at the same time, the film also follows its preceding love triangle films where it does not spell out solutions either. Instead, it explores the idea of a person and the memories you might have it them rather than the person.

And I say it again, Pon Ondru Kanden largely reminds me of love stories from the 2000s, the ones which were passable and didn’t make you regret for watching it. Even as the film attempts to adhere to modern-day thoughts, a little more exploration could have emphasised this better. Pon Ondru Kanden is a film with heart at its right place, but the one which needed just more than skin-deep characterisations.

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