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Vasanth Ravi Interview - Pon Ondru Kanden will show that I can pull off lighthearted films

Ahead of Pon Ondru Kanden release, Vasanth Ravi speaks about doing light-hearted films, trying comedy, co-stars Ashok Selvan and Aishwarya Lekshmi, his intuition and more  

Vasanth Ravi Interview - Pon Ondru Kanden will show that I can pull off lighthearted films
Vasanth Ravi

Last Updated: 11.11 AM, Apr 10, 2024


Taramani, Rocky, Asvins, and Jailer—actor Vasanth Ravi may have starred in an intense love story, a gritty revenge drama, a horror thriller, and even a grey character. But one thing remained the same and that is that all the films were largely dark. When asked repeatedly about this in his various interviews, Vasanth Ravi had one answer: his film with director Priya V Kamakshi, Pon Ondru Kanden. 

The light-hearted, romantic comedy film is all set to be released in theatres on April 14. In conversation with OTTplay, Vasanth Ravi says, “I was very particular that I could do any character or genre. Specifically, I was looking for a feel-good film that is fun and has love and comedy. Kanda Naal Mudhal is one of my favourite films. So, when she (director V Priya) came to me with the Pon Ondru Kanden script, I was already invested in working with the same team as Kanda Naal Mudhal, with Priya ma'am and Yuvan (Shankar Raja) sir. I decided to do this film and prove myself as an actor to both audiences and critics.” Vasanth Ravi is confident that Pon Ondru Kanden has come out well.

Vasanth Ravi on his acting and methods

Be it with Asvins, Rocky or Taramani, Vasanth Ravi admits that he would like to keep up with the intensity even after calling cut because this helps him stay in character. But things were different with Pon Ondru Kanden because Priya has a lighthearted atmosphere in her film sets. “Since she comes from Mani (Ratnam) sir’s school, when it comes to the shot, she is very particular about the shooting schedule and timings. But before and after the shot, she is a very chill person. I come from doing serious films where I have to be very focused and cannot afford to have fun in between shots. So, this film was a big challenge for me because I had to break out of the mould of intense films. So, when the set was fun, I also had a good time,” he adds.

On Pon Ondru Kanden


Pon Ondru Kanden is a love triangle and also stars Ashok Selvan and Aishwarya Lekshmi. In his first collaboration with the actors, Vasanth Ravi tells us about the chemistry between him and Ashok Selvan. “The chemistry between Ashok and me has come across very well. We became very close on the sets. The team was fun but when it came to giving shots, they got serious.”

There are several scenes in which all three leads feature. Talking about this, Vasanth Ravi says, “Ashok has done a lot of love and comedy films, and so when he came into the film, it was easy for him to fit in. But Aishwarya is just like me; she has done intense films and she shared how refreshing this film was. I met her at the award function, at which I won the debut award for Taramani and she bagged it for the Malayalam film Mayaanadhi. That is how we got to know each other and the chemistry between us in the film is quite cute.”

When Vasanth Ravi was doing Pon Ondru Kanden, the actor admits that he was in a bad phase in his personal life. But doing a colourful and lighthearted film with a positive team helped him. “In fact, on the first day itself, we had a comical scene. I did not even know how I would pull it off but we did it and Priya ma'am was satisfied. That gave me the strength and confidence to do comedy. The appreciation I have been getting from her makes it easier for me and wants me to perform better,” he recalls.

Speaking of doing comedy, Vasanth Ravi says that the atmosphere that there is on the set is comforting. “You cannot set out to do comedy. But when we are joined by the co-stars, performances and environment, there is some naturality added to the writing. So, when we bring life to it as actors, that is how it works.”

Vasanth Ravi on what success is

The actor measures success in terms of how much a film has pushed his boundaries as a performer and if it has a longer shelf life in terms of performance, content, making and experience. “Of course, box office and audiences’ acceptance are very important, but I also see how much longer my films can live and linger in the minds of people and what it offers me as a performer." 

With Pon Ondru Kanden, Vasanth Ravi believes that the film will settle the debate if he can pull off a lighthearted film or not. The actor, who brims with confidence, says, “I think this film will do that and if the audience is convinced, that is my win right there.”

Speaking about his process of choosing the film, Vasanth Ravi says that he likes to hear the narration first, followed by reading the script. “When the director gives me the visual representation of the film, I am also able to conceive the story. And once I read it, I imagine it,” he says.

Vasanth Ravi, who calls his intuition his biggest strength, says that the emotion he feels after knowing the script makes him either choose it or reject it. “There is a little voice in me that makes me want to do a film or not. It could be during a reading, narration or a visual representation. When I have a strong feeling, I go with my intuition. I only go the analytical route when I am indecisive. I analyse the various options and parameters,” he adds.

Up next, Vasanth Ravi has two films, Weapon and Indra. Speaking about this, he says, “Weapon is a superhuman action film and there is a lot of CGI work. There are a lot of action sequences and thrilling moments and it was made on a high budget. It should be ready soon. On the other hand, Indra is a dark thriller where there are a lot of surprises. I think Indra will set a benchmark in my career.” Vasanth Ravi signs off with a promise that both his films will be released by the end.

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