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Prasanna Vadanam Review - Suhas' movie has decent twists and turns that hold your attention

Prasanna Vadanam movie review: Suhas is the main lead in this film, directed by Arjun YK. 

Prasanna Vadanam Review - Suhas' movie has decent twists and turns that hold your attention

Prasanna Vadanam 

Last Updated: 07.22 PM, May 03, 2024


Prasanna Vadanam Story

Suriya (Suhas) is a small-time radio jockey who has a tragic accident and develops facial blindness. He cannot remember the faces of those around him and leads life through his girlfriend, Adhya (Payal Radhakrishna). One day, Suriya witnesses a brutal murder and complains about it to the cops. Due to his disorder, things go against him, and Suriya becomes the prime suspect. Left with no choice, he approaches DCP Vaidehi (Rashi Singh) for help. This creates more tension in his life as multiple charges are thrown at him one after the other. How a man with such a rare disorder proves his innocence is the basic storyline of the film.

Prasanna Vadanam Review

Arjun YK is the director of Prasanna Vadanam, and he chose a very interesting subject as his debut film. The backdrop of facial blindness is quite new to Telugu cinema and has been used quite cleverly in the setup of the film. As the backdrop itself is unique, all Arjun had to do was pen a few twists that worked in favour of the film, and the same happened.

Prasanna Vadanam is filled with amazing twists in both halves and arrests the audience. One of the biggest assets of the film is that director Arjun does not want any time to get into the storyline. There are no subplots or flashbacks that evoke boring character intros and the narration is on point. However, the boring aspect of the film is the love track between Suhas and Payal, which derails the film a bit.

Also, yet another drawback of the film is the motive behind the murderer. A flashback is shown as to why the crimes happen and this aspect is not showcased well by the director. In order to create more thrills, the director lets go of a few logics and this is a bit of an issue. The pace of the film is also slow in the second half.

Suhas in Prasanna Vadanam
Suhas in Prasanna Vadanam

The director reveals the man behind the crime in the middle of the film and this might not go well with a few who expect more thrills and twists. In terms of performances, Suhas has done an excellent job in the film. The way he has performed in the role of a man who cannot recollect faces, Suhas, is a revelation.

Once again, he proves that he is here to stay and can pull off any role in his career. Rashi Singh, as the cop, was just about okay. One gets the feeling that a more popular face could have made a lot of difference. Payal Radhakrishna, as Suhas' character's girlfriend, is impressive. Viva Harsha is getting repetitive in his career and the rest of the cast is okay.


The production value of the film is not great. The camerawork could have been a lot more gripping, as the film is a thriller. The screenplay is decent, and so is the production design. The dialogue and editing are pretty good. The best part is the manner in which the story is given more importance than the actors. Barring a few lazy logics, Prasanna Vadanam ends up being a decent watch.

Prasanna Vadanam Verdict

On the whole, Prasanna is a decent thriller with impressive performances by the lead cast. The pace is a bit slow, but once the twists and thrills start being unleashed, the film ends up being an interesting watch this weekend.

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