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Prathinidhi 2 review - The Nara Rohith political thriller lacks gripping drama and performances

Prathinidhi 2 review: Nara Rohit makes a comeback after a long time with the political thriller. The film is touted as a propaganda film and has been directed by Murthy. 

Prathinidhi 2 review - The Nara Rohith political thriller lacks gripping drama and performances
Prathinidhi 2

Last Updated: 02.57 PM, May 10, 2024


Prathinidhi 2 Story

Chetan (Nara Rohith) joins the popular NNC TV channel as its new CEO. His only aim is to expose corrupt politicians. As he does that on a sincere note, the CM of the state (Sachin Khedekar) gets assassinated in a bomb blast. The CBI is called in and the murder of the CM has a connection with Chetan and his past. What is that past and how did Chetan solve the mystery of the CM's murder? That is the basic storyline.

Prathinidhi 2 Review

Prathinidhi 2 is the second part of the Prathinidhi franchise. The special aspect of the film is that a popular journalist, Murthy, has directed this film on a massive scale. But does the film live up to all the hype of the first part? No, it does not and it is a missed opportunity. Prathinidhi 2 releases at a time when the election fever is in full swing.

Sadly, director Murthy has not made use of the biggest offer he received from Nara Rohit, the nephew of ex-CM Nara Chandra Babu Naidu. Prathinidhi 2 is just like any other political thriller and does not showcase anything new. The first half of the film is filled with scenes that expose corrupt politicians in the state.

A scene where Nara Rohith exposes corrupt politician Ajay Ghosh is well written and executed. The way the CM is killed and the politics surrounding it are also nicely handled. But the film falters completely in the second half. The narration during this time is boring and outdated.

Nara Rohith
Nara Rohith

The second half is filled with scenes related to the CBI investigation regarding the killing of the CM. The way this aspect is handled by the director is outright silly and boring. The logic goes for a toss and the officers and the way they handle the case are over the top. Too many cinematic liberties have been taken by the director and this makes the film drag and force for the most part.

Nara Rohith makes a comeback after a long gap and he is decent in the movie. But the impact that he and his dialogues used to create is clearly missing in Prathinidhi 2. He does not get much to say in the sequel. Ajay Ghosh, Ajay and Sachin Khedekar do well in their limited roles. The production values of the film are not at all good.

The poor VFX gives the film a B-grade look in many scenes in the second half. The music by Mahati Swara Sagar is also weak and worse is his background score. The production design is disappointing, and one gets a feeling that the film has been rushed in several aspects to keep up with the release during elections.


There are a few aspects that have been handled well. Like the farmer's issue, leaving middlemen in markets, and how to vote properly, all these have been showcased well and give a proper message to the audience. But this too is short-lived, as Prathinidhi 2 tries hard to impress and falls flat on its face. There is absolutely no seriousness in the proceedings after this point.

But the drama and thrill that the first part had are completely missing in Prathinidhi 2. The purpose with which the film is made is also not properly stated, and Prathinidhi 2 ends as a half-baked political drama. The end scene, where the film suggests that there will be Prathinidhi 3, also fails to create an impact.

Prathinidhi 2 poster
Prathinidhi 2 poster

Prathinidhi 2 Verdict

On the whole, Prathinidhi 2 is a dull and boring political thriller. Apart from a few scenes that convey a strong message, this film has absolutely nothing new to offer and can be given a shot when it is out on OTT.

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