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Preminchoddu Review - The Sirin Sriram romantic drama is rustic and has its moments

Preminchoddu Review - Director Sirin Sriram narrates the film in a realistic manner and unleashes the harsh realities of today's youth and what is their actual take on love and loyalty. 

Preminchoddu Review - The Sirin Sriram romantic drama is rustic and has its moments

A still from Preminchoddu 

Last Updated: 12.39 AM, Jun 08, 2024


Premichoddu Story

Lalasa(Sarika) is a college-going girl from Telangana. She is in love with Kamal(Anurup) but at the same time, also falls for Saras(Deva Malishetty). She likes both guys and dates them at a time. This is also the time she wants to decide on one man and marry him. But she is in a confusion as to whom to choose. Why is Lalasa dating two guys? Why did Saras come into Lalasa's life? and whom Lalasa picks in the end is the basic story of the film.

Premichoddu Review

Premichoddu is written, directed, produced, and edited by Sirin Sriram. He has chosen a very contemporary storyline but has set the film in a small town. The manner in which today's small-town girls are two-timing girls, playing with one's life in the name of love, and how innocent youth are getting sidetracked in the film is showcased quite well in the film.

The first half of the film has decent comedy and showcases the life of Lalasa in her college. Though there are not many standout moments, the manner in which small-town girls think about love and how they date guys in big towns are showcased in a very neat manner. However, the pre-interval scene and halftime twist are executed in a superb way.

There is no denying that Preminchoddu has traces of the hit film Baby, in which the heroine dates two guys at the same time. However, the backdrop is different, and the sensibilities are more earthy and raw. Director Sirin Sriram has made sure that he showcases the love lives of today's youth without compromising on the budget.

A still from Preminchoddu
A still from Preminchoddu

Due to this, the proceedings look a bit more routine and predictable. The second half has some very routine moments that do not register one bit. But the last half-hour of the film is gripping. The pre-climax twist and the reason why Lalasa picks one among her lovers are showcased in an innovative manner.

Coming to the performances, Sarika is amazing in the role of Lalasa. The young actress handles her girl-next-door looks, raw energy, and realistic emotions well throughout the film. Anurup, in the role of Saras, was also impressive in his character.

Deva Malishetty, in his key role, brings a lot of depth to the film. However, due to budget constraints, the film looks weak in terms of production values. The camera work is just about okay, but the locations chosen are superb. The production design is amazing, and credit could go to director Sirin Sriram, who has handled every department properly.

A still from Preminchoddu
A still from Preminchoddu

The only drawback in the film is the predictable storyline, which you feel have seen somewhere before. As there are not many seasoned actors in the film, the emotions also do not register properly, and this takes the film down in no time, and one gets a feeling of boredom.

But through all this, director Sirin ensures that the film has fun at regular intervals and speaks its mind out time and again. If the screenplay had been a bit more aggressive and to the point, the output would have been a lot better.


Preminchoddu Verdict

On the whole, Preminchoddu is a realistic triangular love story that is narrated in an interesting manner. Though the film starts on a dull note, once the conflict point is brought in, the romantic drama starts making sense. As there are not many popular faces, the might look a bit rustic and weak in many areas, but it has a few solid moments that hold your attention.

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