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Satyabhama Review - Kajal Aggarwal shines in this otherwise confusing cop thriller

Satyabhama Movie Review - Kajal Aggarwal is fine as a cop but the confusing narration takes the film down in no time. 

Satyabhama Review - Kajal Aggarwal shines in this otherwise confusing cop thriller

Kajal Aggarwal in Satyabhama

Last Updated: 02.55 PM, Jun 07, 2024


Satyabhama Story

ACP Satyabhama is a sincere police officer who keeps job ahead of her family. One fine day, a girl named Haseens approaches her in the case of domestic violence. Satyabhama protects her, but knowing that Haseena has approached the cops, her husband kills her brutally and goes missing. After a while, Haseena's brother, Iqbal, also goes missing, and this creates more tension in Satyabhama's investigation. Who is behind these crimes and whether Satyabhama managed to nab the criminal is the basic crux of the film.

Satyabhama Review

Generally, cop dramas feature male stars in the lead. But producer Sashi Kiran Tikka has turned the tables and brought in the glamorous heroine Kajal Aggarwal to play a cop in Satyabhama. This aspect alone is quite different and sets the thriller apart from the rest. The entire film is based on the character of Satyabhama and how sincerely she investigates the case.

Director Suma Chikkala sets up the mood of the film right from the first scene itself, and one does not get an odd feeling watching Kajal smashing bad guys. The basic conflict of crime is brought in superbly and how Kajal gets immersed into the case is narrated in an engaging manner by the director Suman Chikkala.

Satyabhama is more an investigative thriller than a suspense filled drama. One key leads to the other, and the subplots are brought in an engaging manner in the first half. The pre-interval block and the halfway twist leave the audience on an engaging note. But things start to falter in the second half when way too many subplots deviate from the topic.

Kajal Aggarwal in Satyabhama
Kajal Aggarwal in Satyabhama

One gets a feeling that the director is taking forever to complete the investigation. The crime done through gaming and how it is connected to the film is not at all clear and will mislead the regular moviegoers. After a point, there is a lot of confusion as to who is doing what and what the bad guys are up to. During the pre-climax, the man behind the crime is revealed, and it does not bring the shock value at all. The motive behind him doing crimes is quite weak.

Also, there is no denying the fact that more popular actors in the key villain roles and supporting cast would have made a lot of difference to the narrative. Kajal Aggarwal plays an action-packed role, and she is superb. Kajal looks at her part and also does all the action sequences in a stylish manner. The way she has been showcased as a gritty cop needs to be appreciated.

Naveen Chandra plays Kajal Aggarwal's husband, and it is hard to understand why he even agreed to do the role in the first place. Harshvardhan, Ravi Varma, Prakash Raj, and Nagineedu are decent in their roles. Satyabhama has gritty visuals, and credit should go to the cameraman for showcasing the cop drama in a new-age manner.

Prakash Raj and Naveen Chandran to be seen in Satyabhama
Prakash Raj and Naveen Chandran to be seen in Satyabhama

The production design, cop setup, and technology used by the cops look authentic. Sircharan Pakala has composed the music, and it is top-notch. But his BGM takes the cake as it elevates all the thrills in a superb manner. The editing is neat and the runtime was perfect. But the last ten minutes, when crime thrillers peak, are otherwise weak in Satyabhama.

To conclude, the twist revealed has no shock value, and one does not approve of the crime showcased, as the motive itself is weak. All this is showcased in a confusing manner and ends the film on a predictable note.


Satyabhama Verdict

On the whole, Satyabhama is a crime thriller that starts on a great note but becomes weak as the film ends. Kajal Aggarwal is amazing, but the confusing screenplay and too many subplots spoil the narrative, making it a boring watch this weekend.

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