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Kajal Aggarwal Interview - Working on Satyabhama was both physically and mentally daunting

Satyabhama is Kajal Aggarwal's comeback film to Telugu cinema as a solo lead. The cop drama will be released on June 7, 2024. 

Kajal Aggarwal Interview - Working on Satyabhama was both physically and mentally daunting
Kajal Aggarwal

Last Updated: 04.03 PM, May 28, 2024


Kajal Aggarwal makes her comeback to Telugu films as a solo lead with the film Satyabhama, which hits screens on June 7, 2024. She talks to us about playing cop, motherhood, doing action sequences, future projects, and her 17-year-old career. Here is the transcript.

Th Kajal Aggarwal interview

Cop roles are a dime a dozen. What made you choose Satyabhama?

I started listening to the subject with the same intent. But director Suman Chikka and producer Sasi Kiran Tikka etched the lead's character in such a way that she is quite human and vulnerable. She has her own insecurities, and this aspect attracted me a lot. Though she is a serious cop, the way she handles the situation in a unique manner is quite special, and this made me say yes to the film.

Was it difficult to play a cop?

I have done action films in the past. But doing an action film, especially after a maternity break, was a bit tough. I was a new mother, and getting the action sequences right was quite taxing for me. But as I wanted to prove a point, I went all out and did the stunts all by myself. Working on Satyabhama is one of the most gruelling experiences to date.

How different is Satyabhama from other thrillers?

Satyabhama is a cop thriller that does not spoon-feed you with detailed scenes. It also tests the intelligence of the audience and keeps them guessing till the end. The screenplay is a bit complex, but that is the specialty of Satyabhama and will engage the audience.

What was the toughest scene in the film?

The climax was the toughest part to shoot. I rehearsed for ten days for the action blocks. The schedule was taxing, and the stress of the emotions I experienced in this scene took a toll on me. It was a planned shoot that went on for days together, but we pulled it off with meticulous planning.

How important is the success of Satyabhama for you?

As you know, I have been in the industry for close to 17 years now and have seen so much success and failure. The results of my films do not bother me anymore, as we get offers depending on our talent and not on the way we look or being in a camp. But for Satyabhama, I am a bit nervous as I am making a comeback after a long gap.

What about Indian 2?

It is a dream to work with Kamal Haasan and Shankar. I am done with my part of the shoot and am confident that Shankar will once again take things to the next level with Indian 2. I have worked hard on the film and feel that you will see a new Kamal Haasan in this film.

Future projects...

Apart from Indian 2, I have two Hindi films lined up, which will be announced soon. I am also playing a small role in a low-budget film. But one of my aims is to act in a mythological drama and prove myself as an actress. For now, Satyabhama is ready for release, and I cannot wait to showcase what we, as a team, have created for the audience.

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