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Queer Eye season 7: More Than A Makeover review: The fab 5 are back but you want to tell them 'get out of here'

Jonathan makes his presence felt and how, again!

Queer Eye season 7: More Than A Makeover review: The fab 5 are back but you want to tell them 'get out of here'
Queer Eye

Last Updated: 08.41 PM, May 14, 2023



The fab 5 aka Jonathan Van Ness, Tan France, Antoni Porowski, Karamo Brown and Bobby Berk are back. They take on new challenges and give their clients a makeover they so desperately need.


Queer Eye commences in New Orleans this time. The Fab 5 have a grand introduction with this one.

This time, they deal with a frat house in the first episode. The frat boys are literally made to wake up.

The best part about the episode, like always with fab 5, is how they teach everyone who to make just another place close to home. They also teach these boys how to be their best selves, just like they always do.

The post-credit scene of the episode is a special surprise. They are filled with bloopers and give you a peak of what goes on behind the scenes. It is something you do not want to miss.

The second episode is about a lesbian, Stephanie. The music to introducing the fab five to Stephanie really works. It sets the vibe of the show.

Are you stuck eating junk food when you know you need to start grabbing that salad? There's a solution for you in this season. With that, one can safely say that the queens are all changing lives, one step at a time.

There's a surprise proposal in this season. It is beautiful and comes right after fab 5 give their client the best version of themselves.

The third episode is about Speedy, who has a physical disability. He cannot go without a wheelchair. That comes as a bigger challenge for the fab 5 and makes it an interesting watch.

As always, they show him that a wheelchair cannot limit him in any way. Wesley, from season 4, is back. It is probably the cutest thing throughout the season.

The fourth episode is about the principal Jennifer, who is so caught up with kids she forgot herself. The fab 5 meeting her makes for a hilarious scene. It is just always fun.

This time, there's a twist for them. They have a home and client that is almost perfect.

Jennifer is the first to have more than a makeover. She gets a personality change and goes through ways to do it.

Dan Stein is here and he is the sass. Of course, he's no match for the fab 5 but comes close.

He shows his true self and as expected, the boy gang bond with him unlike anyone. His change is probably the most drastic among them all.


Mary, who owns a thrift store, has a past that is traumatic. It is about falsely being imprisoned, allegedly.

She shows different personalities but all of them, she embraces with grace. The fab 5 here, make her feel 10 years younger. She had lost 12 years in prison and stayed away from her family for the same reason. The ending of the episode, is a drastic change from that.

Michael comes in the last episode of the show. He is actually a young farmer who cannot differentiate between a home and a farm.

Of course, there's a reason for that and Bobby taps into that. Karamo taking over is the best thing to happen this series.

The post-credit scene brings it all together. It is a happy dance, full of pride.

Jonathan is still the sassiest of them all and he is sure to make you laugh or at least smile more than once. He brightens up the screen every single time and is all out there, which makes him extremely radiating.

And Queer Eye does it again. They have a beautiful tribute to Jemell M. Nelson. Who is he, you ask? Oh, just another crew member on the show. Actually not just any member, he was the production assistant on this show, apart from two other major Netflix shows.

By paying a tribute to 'just another crew member,' Queer Eye once again reinforces that every life matters. That purpose, of the whole show, is so beautiful we want to go Jonathan style and say 'Get out of here!'


Queer Eye lives up to its name, once again. They help, without doubting anybody for one second. They bring the sass but much more than that, they spread love, honey.

The fab 5 take on new challenges which makes this reality show an interesting watch. So, go live your life but before that, watch Queer Eye season 7. It is a makeover for even the fab 5.


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