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Ramany vs Ramany 3.0 Season 3 Episode 6 review: The suspense-filled episode is a passable fare

The highlight of the episode is the relatable factor of the plot

  • Thinkal Menon

Last Updated: 06.20 AM, Apr 11, 2022

Ramany vs Ramany 3.0 Season 3 Episode 6 review: The suspense-filled episode is a passable fare

A poster of the show

Story: The Ramanys and their children are so engaged in the digital world that they hardly realize the presence of a thief in the house. The overwhelmed burglar makes a list of things he wants to 'purchase' from the house and considers himself lucky for bagging an opportunity of a lifetime. Can he escape from the house without being caught? 

Review: The makers of Ramany vs Ramany have come up with a relevant topic this time to engage the viewers. Like most of the other episodes, this time, too, its story happens completely indoors. The Ramanys (Ramji and Vasuki) are busy with their digital gadgets; while the former is fully immersed in an emotional movie, the latter is engaged in a call with one of her clients. Interestingly, the children (Param and Ponni) are also lost in their own world because of the gadgets to which they are addicted.

The episode is aptly titled Digital Detox. The plot begins when a thief enters the house in broad daylight. He is perplexed to find all the four family members so busy with their gadgets that they didn't recognize his presence in the house. After patiently waiting for some time to ensure that all of them are completely lost in their world, he starts to steal some of the household items one by one as he didn't want to waste this one-of-a-kind opportunity. But little did he know that the house servant is active and that she would pose a big threat to him. How is he going to face her?

It is the convincing staging and give-and-take between the actors which makes this episode an entertaining one. Ramji steals the show with his innocent expressions while watching a family drama which leaves him quite emotional. Vasuki is equally good while Ponni scored with her subtle body language in the scene with the burglar.

Param, too, makes his presence felt and there is a believability to the thief's character and the manner in which he enters into the house making it a wholly enjoyable fare.

The maid's character is entertaining in parts; her dialogues with the thief are appealing while her antics post the arrival of cops aren't impressive. Despite the initial intriguing moments, with an interesting mix of humour and suspense, the episode loses steam after the maid takes control of the house and initiates a digital detox in the house.

The highlight of the episode is the relatable factor of the plot; the addiction towards various digital gadgets in today's world among people of all age groups has been interestingly portrayed by director Naga. A little more care towards the last few minutes would have made it a completely riveting episode. Nevertheless, this is another time-pass attempt from the makers.

Verdict: A decently entertaining episode with some rollicking performances from the lead cast.  

Ramany vs Ramany 3.0 is streaming on aha Tamil.