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Rudhran review: Lawrence is the only saving grace in this tedious and predictable mass masala fare

Raghava Lawrence's enthusiasm and Sarath Kumar's menacing antagonist's role come across as huge relief in this below average potboiler that offers nothing new

Rudhran review: Lawrence is the only saving grace in this tedious and predictable mass masala fare

A still from Rudhran

Last Updated: 03.26 PM, Apr 14, 2023


Story: A dutiful son goes to London to repay the huge debt availed by his father. His wife is the only solace, and he hopes to return back in a few years to begin a hassle-free life. However, fate had unexpected tragedies in store for him. Little did he know that he would lose his dear ones because of a criminal who had an eye on his property. Will he be able to chase him down and fix the financial dues?  


Review: When Rudhran, starring Raghava Lawrence in the lead under the direction of producer-turned-director Kathiresan was announced, no one expected it to be a film with novel ideas or innovative screenplay or never-before-seen performances. The first look poster and promo videos gave us a glimpse into what we could anticipate.

The sad part is, the movie still tests our patience, thanks to its story which is unsurprisingly old as the hills. The tepid narration and predictable sequences make things worse for those who expect some entertaining aspects.  

Lawrence in Rudhran
Lawrence in Rudhran

It all begins with Rudhran (Lawrence) taking revenge on the henchmen of Bhoomi (Sarath Kumar), a cruel businessman who doesn't think twice in eliminating those who go against his wishes. Why is he on a killing spree one after the other? How does Ananya (Priya Bhavani Shankar)'s entry in his life change everything for good? How does going to London to repay a huge debt impact his life in unexpected ways? 

This is one of those movies where we could predict almost everything from the word go. To say Rudhran reminds you of a few hundred films isn't an exaggeration. In fact, some of the emotions and flow of events is more or less similar to the Kanchana franchise. The only notable difference is the absence of horror and comedy elements. 

Lawrence is in full form as always; he dances like a dream and gives his best in over-the-top action scenes. There are a few decently depicted emotional episodes in which he performs quite effortlessly. We do feel for the protagonist's miseries, but there is hardly any creativity that has gone into presenting those portions with originality.

Nasser, Poornima, Priya and Kaali Venkat fit comfortably into the superficial world created by makers. Sarath Kumar appears menacing as the antagonist. His histrionics are quite convincing and is another relief apart from Lawrence's enthusiasm in this below average potboiler. 


Verdict: Lawrence's acts in Rudhran are no different from what he portrays in the popular Kanchana franchise. With almost zero novelty in the screenplay and dull character sketches, one finds it difficult to sit through the whole movie. A message that appears in the end is relevant, but forced and hence, makes little impact.

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