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Samajavaragamana Movie Review: The Sree Vishnu, Naresh, Reba Monica John starrer is a hilarious family drama filled with clean comedy

Samajavaragamana stars Sree Vishnu, Naresh, and Reba Monica John in lead roles and is filled with tongue-in-cheek humor

Samajavaragamana Movie Review: The Sree Vishnu, Naresh, Reba Monica John starrer is a hilarious family drama filled with clean comedy

Last Updated: 03.19 PM, Jun 29, 2023



60-year-old Uma Maheshwara Rao(Naresh) belongs to a rich family but to inherit his ancestral property, he needs to complete his graduation. So, he joins special coaching classes at a reputed training center. There, he meets Sarayu(Reba Monica John) and becomes good friends with her. He even suggests that Sarayu stays at his home as a paying guest. Things change when Sarayu falls in love with Uma's son, Balu(Sree Vishnu) who is not into love and relationships. Sarayu tries hard to convince Balu and when thing seems to go fine, the family of the girl's side ends up saying that Balu and Sarayu are first cousins and distant siblings in relation. Well, how Balu and Sarayu face this tricky situation and end up tying the knot is the basic story of Samajavargamana.


Right from the day, the film's trailer was launched, we got an idea that Samajavaragamana is going to be high on tongue-in-cheek humor. The same happens as the film has some of the best dialogues in recent times when it comes to comedy. The usage of slang words that we use in our daily lives is so nicely engraved into the proceedings. Some of the best lines are written for Sree Vishnu who plays a responsible son for a reckless father who is playing around in life and this evokes solid comedy.

Director Ram Abbaraju pens scenes in such a way that the son is being strict towards his playful father played by Naresh. The scenes between Sree Vishnu and Naresh are hilarious, to say the least. In a way, more than the romantic angle between the lead pair, the confrontations between the father and son are the biggest highlight and evoke superb fun.


Samajavaragama is made on a light note and has clean comedy which is a rarity these days. The film has a good supporting cast and the family drama is decent. There are not many moments that are melodramatic for no reason. The writing is simple and has nothing new to showcase. A lead pair being mistaken as siblings sounds weird but has been handled on a decent note in the film.


Samajavaragaman clicks mainly because of its fine performance from the least cast. Sree Vishnu, who was experimenting with serious roles comes back to the boy next door role and is amazing. His dialogue delivery and the fun antics he showcases in the film are a laugh riot. He entertains the audience till the end and shares very good chemistry with the female lead Reba Monica John. The young actress looks beautiful and gets a key role. She plays a key part in the first half and her diction and screen presence are impressive.


Yet another major highlight of Samajavaragamana is Naresh, the senior actor. Just a few days back, Naresh was seen in the controversial Malli Pelli where he played a very complex role. Here, he plays a college-going student and his comedy timing is superb. His role as Uma Maheshwara Rao will get the biggest cheer in the auditorium. There is a scene where Naresh reprises the euphoric train episode from Nani's Jersey. The audience in the theatre erupts with laughter and there are many such moments in Samajavaragamana which keep the audience entertained.


The songs are decent and the production design for this low-budget film is neat. The family visuals and camera work are handled on a decent note. The director Ram Abbaraju should be appreciated for holding the attention of the audience with his comedy. Though the lead paid being termed as siblings sound weird in the film, the scenes that follow create such humor that one does not pay much attention to it.

Samajavaragamana's runtime is also a bonus and none of the scenes are dragged to give the audience the scope to look at the exit door. After a long time, here comes a film that provides good comedy even though the story is simple. As there are not many big films that have impressed in the recent past, Samajavaragamana will have solid prospects at the Tollywood box office as well.


Samajavaragamana is a hilarious comedy caper that is filled with fun-filled relatable moments throughout the film. The performances of Sree Vishnu and Naresh are an added bonus. Though the premise is predictable, the clean comedy and engaging dialogue make this film a very entertaining watch with your entire family.

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