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Sandeham Review - Hebah Patel-starrer has a strictly few thrills that click

Sandeham Review - The Hebah Patel starrer has some decent twists that look good in the narrative.

Sandeham Review - Hebah Patel-starrer has a strictly few thrills that click

Sandeham Poster

Last Updated: 08.02 AM, Jun 28, 2024


Sandeham Story

Sandeham is based during the COVID lockdown. Harsha (Suman Vootkur) marries Shruthi (Hebah Patel), but his life changes upside down when Shruthi refuses to get physical with him and asks for time. Things become even worse for Harsha when Arya (also played by Sumar Vootkur) moves into the opposite flat of Harsha. The twist in the tale is that Arya is Shruthi's ex-boyfriend and keeps interfering in Harsha's life. Things get tense when Harsha starts getting serious doubts about his wife. He leaves for Bangalore to check what happens to his wife when he is away. One fine day, Shruthi gets news that Harsha has passed away due to COVID-19. What did Shruthi do after her husband's death? Did she rekindle her past relationship? Did Harsha really pass away? What is all this confusion? To know the answers, watch the film on the big screen.

Sandeham Review

Sandeham is written and directed by Sateesh Paramveda. He sets the film during the COVID pandemic and shows the hero in a double role. The special aspect of the film is that the husband and ex-boyfriend of the heroine, Hebah Patel, are played by the same actor, Suman Vootkur. This makes things quite interesting and creates intrigue in the film right away.

Sandeham, as the title suggests, means doubt, and the same happens with the main lead, who starts doubting his wife after she keeps him away physically. The manner in which the film is set, unleashes the main plot, and brings in the ex-boyfriend into the narrative is neat.

But the scenes between the husband and wife are quite routine. The same old scenes where the husband doubts his wife and how she reacts are showcased in a very dull manner. There are so many padding scenes that are added to create more intrigue in the film, and there was no need for that at all.

Sandeham movie poster
Sandeham movie poster

The twist in the pre-interval block is good and has been narrated well. The second half goes for a toss as one expects something interesting in the narrative, but that does not happen. There are a few twists that hold your attention for a while, but the way they are executed is quite predictable.

One of the biggest drawbacks of the film is the climax, which is not handled well at all. After going through so much tension in the narrative, one would expect a solid climax, but that does not happen, and the film ends on a dull note which is a bit disappointing.

Hebah Patel plays the wife's role, and she is good in the film. For some reason, she suits such roles where she is blamed and targeted by men. The emotions that she showcases are also good. The main lead, Suman Vootkur, gets an important role, and he is okay. He goes a bit overboard in his character at times but is okay.

A still from Sandeham
A still from Sandeham

The rest of the supporting cast were okay. Bigg Boss fame Swetha Varma gets an important role of a cop and she brings a lot of depth to this otherwise boring second half. The visuals are okay but the dialogues were a bit over the top.

The editing could have been a lot better in the second half. The production values are just about okay. Satesh Paramveda has written a story has some interesting point and a few twists that are executed on a decent note. But the rest of the proceedings are routine.


Sandeham Verdict

On the whole, Sandeham is a thriller that has a few twists that have been executed in a decent manner. Hebah Patel is good in her role, and the setting is okay. But the routine and predictable narration in the second half goes against the film's dull ending.

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