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She season 2 review: Aaditi Pohankar's web series is power re-instated

Thanks to Imtiaz Ali's writing, you will be gripped to know more right until the end.

  • Shaheen Irani

Last Updated: 08.57 AM, Jun 17, 2022

She season 2 review: Aaditi Pohankar's web series is power re-instated
She season 2 - Aaditi Pohankar.


Senior constable Bhumi (Aaditi Pohankar) gets close to Nayak (Kishore Kumar G). Is she working with him or with the force? Or has Bhumi paved her own way, while working with the two hand-in-hand?


Now that Nayak has become the lead character in SHE season 2, his back story is explored to the fullest. While you already knew, this gives you more details about why he is, the way he is.

A dead-eyed Aaditi Pohankar (Bhumi) soon after just adds an impact to the scene and tells you where season 2 is going. As always, she brings the humane side to Bhumi out and it is fascinating.

Bhumi's best part was the confidence she gained and this season brings out the best in her. She finally gets her revenge and that is one of the most powerful scenes of this season.

Vijay Varma, who played the role of Sasya, is completely gone this time. He is missed but since the story moves forward at such an interesting pace, you get very little time to think about him.

A mysterious transgender is introduced to the series and she brings some thrill to the show. Surprisingly (and then again, not-so-surprisingly), her story is one that takes the plot forward.

Vishwas Kini as Fernandez has improved so much this time around. He brings so much to the table and it is more than a mentor. How his equation with Bhumi has transformed over their time period together is likely to blow your mind.

Kishore Kumar G, who is seen as the deadly Nayak, brings out the side beautifully. While he is one of the most feared men around town, this one also brings a sensitive side to him, making him a little human still.

Shivani Rangole as Bhumi's sister and Suhita Thatte as her aai (mother) are impressive too. Shivani, especially, tends to bring all the attention towards her in a few scenes.

This season has a constant never-ending thrill and every moment in it is nail-biting. All that you wouldn't expect, happens with this series.

Exploring the underworld, this series keeps getting darker but not in a way that it makes you feel too much. There are moments where you understand how and why some people get drawn to the dark side.

The end for She season 2 is a classic. It perfectly works in sync with the title of the show.


You will love She season 2 if you have followed and liked season 1. Every moment in this season constantly makes you wonder 'what next.' When that feeling almost ends, it replaced by another feeling - of power. How Bhumi breaks out of the men's powerplay, is something you need to watch out for. Kudos to Imtiaz Ali for being able to churn that aspect out beautifully.