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Shwetkali review: Oindrila Sen, Sourav Chakraborty and Shaheb Bhattacherjee present a spine-chilling thriller

The series presents an intriguing tale  

Shwetkali review: Oindrila Sen, Sourav Chakraborty and Shaheb Bhattacherjee present a spine-chilling thriller
Shaheb, Oindrila and Sourabh

Last Updated: 06.44 PM, Feb 24, 2023


Story: A business family goes to a village to buy a palatial house. They plan to turn the mansion into a hotel. However, while pulling the building down, they discover a white Kali idol. Villagers find the discovery ominous and tiff brews between the business family and the locals. Meanwhile, a number of murders take place. 

Review: Shwetkali is a neatly made horror thriller. It is not for the faint-hearted. The maker takes great care in building the suspense. The buildup, interpersonal relationship between the characters, crisis, etc are nicely placed. Along with the current track of the story, the legends of that ancient building come forward and the two tracks go hand in hand. Not for a moment do the two tracks overwhelm each other and that is the magic of the script and editing.    


The acting is also the forte of the series. This is the debut of Oindrila Sen on the digital platform and she has done a fantastic job. Shaheb Bhattacharya is also very convincing. However, his hairstyle looks a little odd. His acting calibre, meanwhile, overshadows the appearance. Sourav Chakraborty is known to be a good actor but has so far been underexposed by the industry. He has done a excellent job. 

Despite the smaller screen presence, Lokhnath Dey impresses as a police inspector. Another character, Bablu, also leaves a mark. Meanwhile, Ratan Sarkhel disappoints as the priest. There is a one-dimensional tone in his performance. His husky dialogue delivery lacks texture and tension. 

Another positive side of the show is its smart dialogue. They are precise and to the point. A show which has a background of bonedi bari and legacy of affluence tends to resort to over-the-top dialogues. This series, however, has no such stress. 

There are also some spine-chilling scenes, including one where the goddess Kali has no weapon in her hand. The maker has diligently avoided cheap thrills. The way he introduces the first murder shows that he knows his job. 

However, the series has its weaknesses. It doesn’t explain several things clearly. Why the idol of White Kali was buried is not explained. Then, it does not explain how the second murder takes place in a locked room. The last killing is sudden and a little out of place. The climax becomes dialogue-heavy. There were some repetitions during the scenes of ancient times. 

Verdict: Shwetkali is a chilling thriller and is made with care. It doesn’t go over the top. It is mature and definitely a must-watch. 

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