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Sound Party Review! VJ Sunny's comedy caper is only for a strict few laughs

Sound Party features Bigg Boss 5 winner VJ Sunny in the lead roles. The film, directed by Sanjay Sheri, has Hrithika Srinivas and popular comedian Shivannarayana in key roles.

Sound Party Review! VJ Sunny's comedy caper is only for a strict few laughs

Sound Party Poster

Last Updated: 02.21 PM, Nov 24, 2023


Sound Party Story

Sound Party is about a crazy father, Kuber Kumar (Shivannarayana) and his aimless son, Dollar Kumar (VJ Sunny). All they do is dream of becoming rich. One fine day, they make a plan and invest in bitcoins. However, their plans get disrupted as they get jailed in a fake rape case. What will the father-son do now? Who is behind this case? How will they come out of jail? And does the duo achieve their goal of becoming rich? This is the story of Sound Party.

Sound Party Review

Right from the day Sound Party was launched, the makers have been reinforcing that it is a no-brainer, loud comedy. So, looking for a story or novelty is out of the question here. True to their claims, director Sanjay Sheri establishes the principal characters of the father and son as close friends who always dream about getting rich one day.

Although this aspect looks a bit over the top, their characters are established in a funny way, and that holds the audience's attention. One of the biggest assets of the film is the casting of Sunny and Shivannarayana. They fit their roles perfectly and complement each other well.

What makes us believe in the concept is Shivannarayana's performance. His comedy timing, screen presence, and dialogues are quite funny and bring a smile to your face. Even though the film does not show anything novel and the proceedings are predictable, it is Shivannarayana's comedy that takes the film forward.

The first half of the film establishes various means by which the father-son duo tries to make quick bucks. This aspect sounds boring and has nothing much going its way. The romantic track between Sunny and Hrithika Srinivas is also not that great. However, when the interval comes as a surprise, Sound Party starts making sense. The twists and turns that the film takes are neatly narrated.

Amidst all this, the director has not ignored the fun factor and brings in characters that evoke curiosity. Chalaki Chanti, as Patti Satish, is hilarious in his role. However, the film slows down a bit in the second half when the jail episodes are showcased. The character of Saptagiri is over the top and dilutes the proceedings.

VJ Sunny turns hero with Sound Party and he was decent in his role. Hrithika Srinivas, the niece of yesteryear actress Amani, also does a neat job. She does not have much to do in the film but still grabs attention. 30 Years Prudhvi Raj is boring in his role as a politician and sleepwalks in his role.

Team Sound Party
Team Sound Party

The music of the film is just about okay, but the BGM is impressive. The dialogues need a special mention as they evoke good fun. The production value is good, as is the production design. A few scenes in the first half should have been edited. The camerawork showcasing the entire fun setup is neat.

The concept of bitcoins is brought in only at the end and the comedy generated with bitcoins is good. However, after watching all this, one gets the feeling that the director should have introduced the bitcoin aspect earlier in the film and created a thread around it. That does not happen and the first half is wasted for no reason. Nevertheless, the film's last 15 minutes are good and end the proceedings on a positive note.

Main lead VJ Sunny
Main lead VJ Sunny

Sound Party Verdict

On the whole, Sound Party is a comedy caper that has impressive performances by VJ Sunny and Shivannarayana. Although the film starts on a dull note and has a very predictable storyline, the fun factor keeps the audience engaged.

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