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Sunflower 2 Review: Sunil Grover, Adah Sharma and Girish Kulkarni prove that three is not a crowd, but a crowd-puller of the 8-part whodunit series!

After the runaway success of Sunflower, the series’ makers are now out with Sunflower 2, which serves as an out and out platform to the sheer genius of Sunil Grover, Adah Sharma and Girish Kulkarni

Sunflower 2 Review: Sunil Grover, Adah Sharma and Girish Kulkarni prove that three is not a crowd, but a crowd-puller of the 8-part whodunit series!
Sunflower 2 Review

Last Updated: 04.28 PM, Mar 01, 2024


Sunflower 2 Story:

It’s not every time that the sequel of any film surpasses the box office collection of the original/ first part. But, the box office collections of Gadar 2 which surpassed that of Gadar, went on to prove that, it’s not every time that the aforementioned statement holds water. Ditto seems to be the case in this week’s major OTT release Sunflower 2, which happens to be the second season of the series. This time round, it’s The Kerala Story actress Adah Sharma, who makes a grand entry in the series’ second season. 

The second season of the series Sunflower deals in a whodunnit mystery revolving around the murder of a rich man. besides the ;usual suspects', the suspects of the murder also revolves a bunch of unsuspecting suspects. Will the cops be able to unravel the murder mystery and book the culprit is what the series is all about. 

Sunflower 2 Review:

The second season consists of 8 episodes, each episode an ultimate gem. The entire series revolves around the mysteriously ‘murdered death’ of Mr. Kapoor (Ashwin Kaushal), who happened to be an extremely ‘colourful’ person by nature. The case is being handled by two able police officers S. Dighendra aka DG (Ranvir Shorey, who really surprises with his act) and his associate Chetan Tambe (Girish Kulkarni, in top form).


The needle of their suspicion starts oscillating from one resident to the other who stay in the Sunflower society. The residents, who come under the scanner/ radar of the police officers DG and Chetan Tambe include the late Kapoor’s wife Naina Kapoor (Shonali Nagrani) along with other residents including the super suave salesman Sonu Singh (Sunil Grover in an unbelievable form), the society’s new resident- a bar dancer Rosy mehta (Adah Sharma surprise package), Mr. Ahuja (Mukul Chaddha) and his wife Mrs. Ahuja (Radha Bhatt).

Suspicions against Rosy become super strong as the cops unravel a secret that the late Kapoor had an extreme soft corner for her and that he was a regular visitor of the bar in which she was working. But, as time progresses, clues start diminishing against Rosy as well. With each passing day (read ‘episode’), the mystery around Kapoor’s death only deepens and deepens like a tunnel, where there seems to be no light in the end!

But then, one day, just as when DG and Tambe seem to have solved the murder mystery of the late Kapoor, do they get the shock of their lives that someone has ‘stolen’ one eye of the deceased! Thereafter starts DG and Tambe’s intensified investigation for the super smart criminal who killed Kapoor. Amidst all this, also exists a romantic love story between DG and Ahuja’s wife Radha, who also happens to be one of the suspects!

Will DG and Tambe be able to solve the ever-deepening murder mystery of Mr. Kapoor aka ‘Mr. Moneybags’, who ultimately happens to be the culprit and what was the reason for someone to pluck an eye from a dead boy is what forms the rest of the story.

First things first. For all those who have watched the first season of Sunflower, will surely know the premise of the series. But, for all those who did not watch Sunflower, there is always Sunflower 2, the gripping and edge-of-the-seat whodunnit thriller. And full marks goes to the series’ director Navin Gujral, who does an extremely commendable job with this series. The amount of detailing that has gone into each and every character and the story’s premise need to be totally credited to him. Equal credits need to be given to the series’ story writers Chaitally Parmar and Vikas Bahl and also to the screenplay writer Surya Menen.

This is followed by a bunch of stellar actors of the series who actually carry the ‘petals’ of Sunflower on their able shoulders. Topping them all is the extremely talented Sunil Grover, who effortlessly manages to shock you and surprise you at the same time. The conviction with which he has portrayed his character serves as the Nth testimony to the fact that what a fine actor he is.

He is followed very closely by yet another terrific performer Adah Sharma. If you thought that she had surprised you with her acting prowess in The Kerala Story, wait till you see her in ‘full bloom’ in Sunflower 2. One really wishes that; she should continue getting such kinds of roles which does total justice to her acting talent.

The third pillar that offers strength to the series is the extremely versatile Girish Kulkarni. If you thought that his ‘Papa Calling’ act in Fugly was awesome, then, may we request you to watch him in the role of Inspector Chetan Tambe from the first till the last episode, without blinking an eyelid. The finesse that he brings to his role is unparalleled. One really wonders as to why this powerhouse of talent has still not been utilised to its maximum potential by Bollywood film makers.

Other actors like Ranvir Shourey (in fine and restrained form), Ashish Vidyarthi, Shonali Nagrani, Radha Bhatt, and others do an excellent job with their respective characters. The background music of the series flawlessly blends with the narrative. The editor trio of the series (Konark Saxena, Nishad Patil, Aaryan Dinesh Acharya) serve as testimony to what a perfectly edited show looks like! Ditto for the series’ cinematographer Navghat Prakash.

Sunflower 2 Verdict:

All in all, Sunflower 2 is a ‘must-mast’ watch for all the ‘flower lovers’ or even otherwise. This is one flower which is bound to bring a smile on your face!

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