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Theppa Samudram - The Chaitanya Rao, Amabati Arjun starrer has enough twists to keep you engaged

Theppa Samudram Movie Review—Satish Rapolu directed the Chaitanya Rao, Amabati Arjun starrer, which has Ravi Shankar in a key role. 

Theppa Samudram - The Chaitanya Rao, Amabati Arjun starrer has enough twists to keep you engaged

Theppa Samudram

Last Updated: 12.07 AM, Apr 19, 2024


Theppa Samudram Story

Theppa Samudram is a small village in the state of Telangana. Things become tense when a few young girls go missing. SI Ganesh(Chaitanya Rao) is assigned the case. On the other hand, Indu (Kishori Dhatrak), the founder of Netra Foundation, also starts searching for the missing girls. The case becomes so interesting when Vijay(Ambati Arjun), who loves Indu, starts investigating the case along with lawyer Vishwanath. When all this is going on, a shocking truth about the missing girls is revealed. Among the above-mentioned characters, who is the culprit, and how he is exposed is the basic story of the film.

Theppa Samudram Review

Theppa Samudram is based in a small village where a psycho killer goes on a rampage and targets young girls one after the other, shocking one and all. Such a premise is quite interesting and has been showcased in so many earlier. But it is the screenplay that holds your attention. Director Satish Rapolu should be credited for his smart work and for keeping the audience on the edge of their seats for the most part.

Theppa Samudram has several real-life incidents, and they look quite intense and impressive. The addition of multiple characters to the narrative makes things interesting for the audience. Throughout the entire runtime of the film, an intriguing factor lurks in the narrative, and this is the best part and has been handled in a mature manner by the director.

By halftime, one becomes even more curious to know who is behind the crimes. The suspense elements and twists are revealed at regular intervals, keeping things at bay. The best part of the film is the manner in which one doubts every character that enters the scene. Each of these characters has a motive and is not introduced just for the sake of it.

Allari Naresh launches the trailer of Theppa Samudram
Allari Naresh launches the trailer of Theppa Samudram

Coming to performances, Ambati Arjun, the Bigg Boss fame actor, is very good in his role. Though he hams in a few scenes, he does well in the film. Chaitanya Rao turns out to be a superb actor and gets a tailor-made role in the film. He, as the cop, was superb in the film, and his body language perfectly suits the film's narrative. Popular actor, Ravi Shankar as the lawyer is good in his stylish act as a lawyer. Kishori Dhatrak is also neat in her role and ably supports the narrative.

Producers Nirukanti Manjula and Raghavendra Goud must be lauded for backing such a story, and that too with a young director. The camera work is quite amazing and showcases the crime setup in a superb manner. The drone visuals are especially amazing in the film. The editing was fine, and so was the production design. The music is pretty good, and so is the background score, which elevates the proceedings quite well.


As said earlier, the screenplay of the film is the best part as it holds your attention. The dialogue is good, and so is the entire artwork in the film. The dialogues, especially those that cover a social message, have been written quite well. Theppa Samudram has a very predictable premise and starts on a routine note. But as time passes by, more twists and turns suck you in and make this film an enjoyable watch.

Theppa Samudram Verdict

On the whole, Theppa Samudra has a routine plot and starts on a dull note. But the twists and turns revealed at regular intervals make things interesting for the audience, and it ends as a decent watch this weekend.

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