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Tokyo Revengers season review: The anime goes merry-go-round from hero to zero and back

Takemichi and Mikey have the most transformations in this season.

Tokyo Revengers season review: The anime goes merry-go-round from hero to zero and back
Tokyo Revengers S2.
  • Shaheen Irani

Last Updated: 02.44 PM, Apr 09, 2023

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Takemichi needs to correct his mistakes to make sure his only love Hina does not end up dead. Can he make it?


Tokyo Revengers is a show that runs high on emotions. It is very loud but also full of heartwarming moments with its brotherhood, loyalty and strong friendships. Season 2 is very much on the same lines of season 1 when it comes to that.

The show comes a full circle as the first scene and the last scene are very similar in many senses. It is Takemichi and Kisaki in what is a very unique bond – one between hatred and love.

Takemichi sees a major personality growth in the second season. Well, almost. He’s always going to be a kid at heart and that is what makes him special. When it comes to the efforts he takes in being stronger for his people, Takemichi has surely grown many folds.

Another central character Mikey also makes a drastic personality switch in the series. He is still the most loved but also the biggest surprise on the show. Mikey’s bond with Takemichi is sure to pierce through your heart and hit you where it hurts the most.

Drakken is his usual self. He has a more constant graph in this season, not that we’re complaining about it, especially for his presence in the world where everything is going upside down.

Mitsuya has a briefer role in comparison but he also manages to leave an impression. This is especially because of how he stands up for Hakkai despite knowing the whole truth.

Black Dragon is introduced with the season. Taiju, who plays the lead antagonist on the show, becomes the central character from the second episode. He is as dangerous as one can imagine. What’s worse? He is connected to Tokyo Manji/Toman. Hakkai, who is a part of Toman, is his brother.

How Takemichi and with that, Tokyo Manji members, deal with the situation, makes for a great watch. As always, Mikey shines through, even if he comes at the very last moment. Hakkai and Taiju’s sister Yuzuha also leaves an impression in the scenes.

Chifuyu is one of the most heartwarming characters in this season. He is not the smartest in the lot but Chifuyu contributes to a lot of moments that help Takemichi. He, in fact, is the best friend Takemichi could ask for.

Akkun comes back and in his one episode, he steals the show, even if for a brief while. Fans of the anime would know how much he means to Toman and why his presence in itself means a lot.

Naoto is in the series almost just because Takemichi needs him to travel back-and-forth. He has very little to contribute this time around.

The makers take you to flashbacks to give you a clearer picture about what is happening and why. This helps you understand more than one perspective. You know why the Toman members cannot see what is right in front of them.

The suspense and mystery are almost as much as the drama in the series. This helps balance each scene out. It is what makes Tokyo Revengers 2 also a good watch.


Tokyo Revengers season 2 is worth it for the most bits. It is not like season 1. It isn’t the best thing out there. However, it tries to stay true to the theme as much as possible and that shows. It works too.