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Undekhi 3 review – Varun Badola is the true surprise entry, Surya Sharma outshines all actors associated with the show from the start

Harsh Chhaya and Dibyendu Bhattacharya also keep you hooked from time-to-time

Undekhi 3 review – Varun Badola is the true surprise entry, Surya Sharma outshines all actors associated with the show from the start
Undekhi 3 - Varun Badola

Last Updated: 12.00 AM, May 10, 2024



Papaji is back under the police radar after the video from Daman’s wedding gets leaked. How will the Atwals handle the situation this time around?


Commencing the show with a recap of what happened in the previous seasons and how the Atwals have got away with everything so far (but things have become tough for them now), Undekhi 3 gets off to a good start. Staying true to its franchise, this season too instils fear with just examples but even that is enough to leave an impact.

Undekhi 3 actually begins when Surya Sharma promises terror as Rinku Atwal, with his gang reaching out from the green fields with guns in hand. Even though dramatic, the scene definitely leaves an impact. The addition of the Punjabi song, with the expressions, make the scene a memorable one. The scene is the same from the trailer but the impact it has in the show is way more. Slightly dramatic but effective, this one scene sets the tone of the show - that violence will prevail. The scene only gets better as it progresses.

It appears that the makers have added the best scenes from the trailer in the first episode itself. After Rinku, it was time for senior Atwal aka Papaji aka Surinder Singh Atwal’s introduction of the season. As you can guess, this introduction is the core personality of Papaji.

While physical strength is at display so far, here comes Aanchal Singh, who excels at mental strength. Her display of the same is obvious in Teji’s scene with Rinku.

Ankur Rathee’s Daman has a new look to him this time around. He is also trying to adapt into a new personality which, unfortunately, doesn’t instantly click.

Shivangi Singh’s Muskaan is in more focus than ever with this season and it is for a reason. The same is revealed as the show progresses. But the problem is that the pace of the series is not on point. While there are moments where you hold your breath, there are also times when you close your eyes and the same scene continues. Dibyendu Bhattacharya is the last to make an appearance but given what his character has been through so far, it fits.

Nandish Sandhu is back as Samarth and his entry is one to look out for. However, it is Varun Badola’s entry that really takes the cake. He steals all the limelight in the first episode itself. His real entry aka when he faces the Atwals is a scene you never saw coming. The actor leaves an impact all over again with his re-entry.


It is the small moments in the second episode which win you over. Whether it is Rinku controlling himself from physically helping Papaji during his toughest moment or Surinder smiling rather than showing his angst (which is scarier to imagine given the situation), the moments are beautiful and leave an impact. The last scene of the episode, especially, builds intrigue and in the subtlest ways possible. Just when you think a person cannot go down a path, that is exactly what they do. With these actions, they bring back the era of a villain in times of grey characters.

Once again, the show has smart ways of instilling fear in you. From hostage situations to death threats, all of it is here and it works every single time.

This time around, Lucky has a love story and his moments with Geet are some of the cutest points on the show. There, however, is a secret waiting to be unveiled and it can get big. Once again, Lucky proves to be a man despite everything that goes on around him.

Ghosh refuses to step down this time around, which makes things more interesting than ever. It is especially in a time where the lion aka Papaji is wounded (often sick).

The show gets a little slow since the third episode but it is one of the higher points in the story. It is a beautiful mix of everything that happened so far and all that we can see in the coming episodes.

Deepfake, which has hit celebrities hard since the past one year, makes it to the show. Talking of videos, there aren’t too many songs in Undekhi 3 but one from the baby shower is sure to stick with the viewers.

Among all actors, Surya’s transformation is subtle and the most impactful. He goes from terrorizing with guns to being calm and soft-spoken in stressful situations. This is a trait which makes any villain, a true villain, for their intention is to kill, especially those who try to get in their territory.

Dibyendu, on the other hand, shines in the court breakdown scene. Another moment where he threatens Dogra leaves an impact.

Of course, Harsh Chhaya also goes on to prove who’s the dad. This happens in the scene with the cop Dogra, who works for him. His dialogue delivery, paired with expressions, work well for the show.

As the show comes to an end, it progresses to violence and rivalry. The story takes a 360. There’s a deja vu moment and it once again changes the Atwals’ lives.

The last episode really puts many action movies of today's times to shame. It is not Rinku or Rajveer’s introduction but is surely not lesser than that either. If you were missing the commercial cinema experience, here it is with this season of Undekhi. Suspense-after-suspense is unveiled in the very episode. This changes a lot of things that the show explored so far. With that, whether Undekhi comes to an end or a new story is to begin, remains unknown. Nonetheless, season 3 is definitely worth your time.


The Ashish Shukla directorial has a great beginning and a fairly good ending. It is what’s in the middle that can get you uninterested in the show. The slow speed can get to you but if you can stick it out, Undekhi 3 is definitely worth your time. Varun Badola is the surprise package this time around, and Surya Sharma outshines all actors who have been a part of the show since the first season. This is even when all actors have played their part well. Give this one a try, you might end up binge-watching it.

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