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Uppu Puli Kaaram Series Review (Episodes 1-8): A family drama that thrives on outdated and exaggerated skit sketches

Uppu Puli Kaaram series, coming from Disney+ Hotstar, rolls out a new set of episodes every week. Read the review here.

Uppu Puli Kaaram Series Review (Episodes 1-8): A family drama that thrives on outdated and exaggerated skit sketches

Uppu Puli Kaaram

Last Updated: 04.34 PM, Jun 06, 2024


Uppu Puli Kaaram story

Uppu Puli Kaaram is about a middle-class family with three sisters and a brother. While parents Subramani and Subbulakshmi (played by Ponvannan and Vanitha Krishnachandran) run a restaurant, Annam Mess, and try to give all the comforts for her children, there are also three sisters, Chinmayi (Aysha), a criminal lawyer, Keerthi (Ashwini), and Yashika (Deepika) along with a son who is studying for IAS exams. With each of the siblings coming with their own set of problems, like Chinmayi’s unresolved issues with her former lover, and Yashika’s past of being body-shamed, the family’s life seems to change topsy turvy after we are hinted that Subramani might have another son - an aspiring actor Thippu (Raj Ayappa).

Uppu Puli Kaaram review

Uppu Puli Kaaram follows the format of a television serial, in not only dropping its episodes within a definite period on a regular basis, but also in terms of its aesthetics. There are silly jokes cracked which may render laughter-less in today’s times, along with caricaturish mannerisms of characters by tending to pull off exaggerated expressions. Now that Uppu Puli Kaaram takes the serial route is well established and off the charts, the serial when broken down to barebones is a family drama that devices an arc of its own for each character, only for them to meddle somehow in the later stage.

Uppu Puli Kaaram web series
Uppu Puli Kaaram web series

The show which follows the multiple-character arc, takes the first few episodes to set its base. We are told that Chinmayi, the eldest of daughters, is a criminal lawyer who is headstrong and adamant in her own ways. She has also broken up with her boyfriend (Krishna) who still doesn’t know the reason behind it. While gym trainer Keerthi is street-smart and gets her way, Yashika still exhibits childish qualities despite having outgrown the stage. And in between all this, we have certain reprimanding narratives inserted here and there. For example, when an alliance comes to meet Chinmayi, Subramani proudly asserts that he has as much belief in his stay-at-home son cracking IAS exams, as much as that his successful lawyer daughter would accept the groom. 

In another instance, partying is projected as an evil activity, doomed only for wastrels. Uppu Puli Kaaram in many ways uses these archaic ideas to evoke laughter and sentiments, but fails to acknowledge the current mindset and ideologies for a better understanding. When a rich woman is on the lookout for a bride for her son, and lists out all the possible qualities that stand against feminism and anti-patriarchy, the serial only slows down deeper.

In a way, the characters too exhibit immaturity which the serial tends to take on a lighter note. When Subbulakshmi rues that Yashika is yet to get a job, Subramani replies flippantly, “Yesterday she was adamant about going to school, and now she is refusing to go to job. It’s going to be alright.” Instances like these make one lose connection with the serial which does not reflect today’s circumstances where women break barriers to live independently. Silliness is also a big looming theme in Uppu Puli Kaaram which comes to the limelight when an actor rues that he is unable to perform sentimental scenes as a son just because he did not have a father around while growing up. Is that really how actors work?

Uppu Puli Kaaram verdict


With several more episodes to go, it would be premature to give a verdict on Uppu Puli Kaaram. But with the episodes that have come out so far, and what we have been served, you might want to watch Uppu Puli Kaaram for an old-fashioned family drama with modern-day problems. But it also comes with silly jokes and exaggerated expressions that may not suit everyone’s taste.


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