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Vinaro Bhagyamu Vishnu Katha Review: The Kiran Abbavaram, Murali Sharma starrer is a decent thriller

Vinaro Bhagyamu Vishnu Katha Review: Starts slow but impresses with its thrills and twists

Vinaro Bhagyamu Vishnu Katha Review: The Kiran Abbavaram, Murali Sharma starrer is a decent thriller

Last Updated: 12.31 PM, Feb 18, 2023



Darshana(Kashmira Pardesi) is a Youtuber who calls two people Vishnu(Kiran Abbavaram) and Markandeya Sharma(Murali Sharma) stating that they are her number neighbors. The three soon become good friends and help Darshana with her Youtube channel. On the other hand, Vishnu falls for Darshana, and when things seem to go absolutely fine, Darshana gets jailed for seven years due to the involvement of Markandeya Sharma. Who is this Markandeya Sharma? What is his backstory? What did Darshana get jailed for? and how did Vishnu save his love interest? That forms the rest of the story.



Vinaro Bhagyamu Vishnu Katha is directed by debutante Murali Kishore and he creates the concept of number neighbor for this film. The heroine calling numbers that fall next to her, getting in touch with them, facing issues, and with the same number neighbor procedure, the hero getting help to solve the case forms the basic crux of the film. This looks logicless during the first half of the film but starts making sense when the actual plot is unveiled in the latter half.

Director Murali Kishore starts the film on a simple note and etches the character of the hero as the one who helps everyone around. By creating this aspect, he introduces the characters of the heroine and Murali Sharma. The comedy showcased by Murali Sharma is nice and keeps us engaged. But the romantic track is bland and does not evoke interest. During this time, a parallel track of a politician trying to eliminate Murali Sharma is shown which generates curiosity.


The above said things look nice but do not take you into the main storyline. The director has many deviations like enhancing the hero's character, bringing in the heroine and so many extended scenes which keep the audience agitated a bit. Also, the phone number neighbor looks weird in many scenes. Only when the interval bang is brought in with a massive twist, do things start shaping up superbly for the film? An easy and simple story becomes a thriller and forces the audience to get glued to their seats.

Performances-wise, Kiran Abbavaram is laid back in his approach and does a decent job in the film. His eased-out attitude suits his character but he should have shown more tension and panic in the second half. Kashmira Paradesi gets a key role and manages to hold the fort with her performance. But the best role in the film is undoubtedly Murali Sharma's. His role gives him everything to showcase and the seasoned actor is amazing in his character. While he is hilarious in the comedy scenes, he means business when he gets a transformation in the second half.

Chaitan Bhardwaj composed the music which is decent. But it is his background score that elevates the proceedings in a big way. The film is set in Tirupathi and the small-town setup is showcased in a neat manner. The dialogues are decent but the screenplay is dull. The film has issues with the pacing as multiple scenes in the first half should have been edited out. The fight sequences especially the temple fight were executed superbly. The production values by GA2 pictures were also decent.

Kiran Abbavaram
Kiran Abbavaram

Vinaro Bhagyamu Vishnu Katha is a film that has an interesting premise. The logic goes for a toss in the first half but things are handled properly in the second half. The director keeps the proceedings light-hearted but all of a sudden shifts gears with good thrills and twists making the film quite interesting. The climax twist, the way it is revealed to the audience, everything makes sense in the end. The film has a few shares of flaws with the supporting cast and slow pace but all that is salvaged with a very good second half.


On the whole, Vinaro Bhagyamu Vishnu Katha has a different concept that looks silly in the first half but is made use of superbly in the latter part. Though the film has a few comedy scenes in the first half, it takes a lot of time to enter the main plot. But once it does, the drama, Kiran Abbavaram's act, thrills, twists, and turns hold your attention and make this film a decent fare this weekend.

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