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Bramayugam Trailer – 5 moments from the Mammootty-Arjun Ashokan starrer that left us curious

Bramayugam trailer was released by Mammootty and team, at a grand event held in Abu Dhabi, recently. The netizens are highly impressed with the trailer, that promises a unique cinematic experience.

Bramayugam Trailer – 5 moments from the Mammootty-Arjun Ashokan starrer that left us curious
Mammootty as Kunjamon Potti in Bramayugam

Last Updated: 07.52 PM, Feb 11, 2024


Mammootty will be next seen in Bramayugam, the highly anticipated Rahul Sadasivan directorial, which is slated to hit the big screens on February 15, 2024. The movie, which is touted to be horror-suspense thriller features the megastar of Malayalam cinema in a never-seen-before avatar. The highly promising Bramayugam trailer, which was released at a grand event held in Abu Dhabi recently, has clearly won the hearts of Malayalam cinema audiences.

Even though the trailer does not reveal much about the plot of the film, it has been confirmed that Mammootty is set to play a mysterious man named Kunjamon Potti. Arjun Ashokan appears as a young man who gets trapped inside Potti’s crumbling mansion. Sidharth Bharathan also makes a powerful appearance in the trailer, even though his role is kept under wraps.

Here we present the 5 moments (in no particular order) from Bramayugam trailer, that prove that the Mammootty-Arjun Ashokan starrer is a must watch. Have a look...

Mammootty’s evil laughter in the final scene


Let’s begin with the final shot of the Bramayugam trailer. The legendary actor sent a chill down everyone’s spine with his purely evil laughter, in the final shot of the extremely well-cut trailer. It was mind-blowing to see how Mammootty, who maintains a gentle exterior despite exuding mysterious aura in the beginning, slowly undergoes a transformation. In the final shot, all hell breaks loose as the megastar showcases his villainous avatar. And this shot has clearly raised expectations over Bramayugam.

Is Bramayugam a story on time loop?

If you noticed, the characters repeatedly mention the ‘Pakida kali’ (Dice game), which involves two pawns (probably hinting at the characters played by Arjun Ashokan and Sidharth Bharathan). However, the way the characters mouth the same dialogue on ‘Pakida and Karukkal’ in different modulations, prompts us to believe that it is the same incidents that are repeating over and over, like in a time loop. However, this is just an assumption, which has clearly made Bramayugam more intriguing.

The burning portrait of Mammootty’s Kunjamon Potti

After the first mention of ‘Pakida Kali’, the immediate visuals showcase the character Thevan, played by Arjun Ashokan, who is seen exploring Kunjamon Potti’s mansion. In the background, we can see an ancient-looking oil portrait of a much younger Potti, which catches fire unexpectedly. But, at present, he is shown as an elderly man, who is probably in his mid-60s. This shot has undoubtedly raised questions about the character played by Mammootty - Who is Kunjamon Potti? Is he a ghost? Is he an immortal? Is he someone who managed to extend his lifespan on earth using his magical ‘Pakida kali’?

Gambling with the fate

In one scene, Mammootty’s Kunjamon Potti is seen telling Arjun Ashokan’s character, that he cannot ‘gamble with his fate’ twice. This scene suggests that Potti might have asked Arjun’s character Thevan to defeat him in the game of dice, to escape from the mysterious Mana. If he fails in the game, Thevan might have to surrender to his fate – which is living in the mansion for the rest of his life, as Potti’s slave. This is just an assumption – but it has left us more curious about Bramayugam.

Are Kunjamon Potti and his Mana even real?

In the second last scene in the trailer, Kunjamon Potti is seen informing Thevan that they are in Bramayugam, which is the darkest phase of the ‘Kali yugam’. The Malayalam word ‘Bramam’ stands for ‘illusion’ and this prompts us to think that Kunjamon Potti and his crumbling mansion coulb be the mere illusions of Thevan’s mind. The inter-cut visuals, which show Thevan waking up at random parts of a forest after sleeping in Potti's Mana, hint at the same.

Well, the brilliant Bramayugam trailer confirms that Malayalam cinema audiences are in for a never-seen-before cinematic experience, that too in black-and-white format. As director Rahul Sadasivan suggested recently, the movie clearly seems to be much more than a cliche horror film.