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Children Of Nobody to Marriage Contract - Korean dramas on PlayFlix dubbed in Hindi to add to your watchlist

Here are some Korean dramas on PlayFlix that are dubbed in Hindi you can watch at your leisure. 

Children Of Nobody to Marriage Contract - Korean dramas on PlayFlix dubbed in Hindi to add to your watchlist
K-Dramas Dubbed In Hindi On PlayFlix

Last Updated: 08.21 PM, May 14, 2024


The way the world is consuming content from not just their homeland but from all corners of the globe is fascinating. Shows and films are now being made with a global approach in mind, and there is no industry that has been labeled niche only because a very few people watch it. There are takers for every kind of content, and people are experimenting. Korean films and dramas have been leading the race for quite some time now. The resurgence of content from the Asian domain is ruling and impressing the world. Most of us are watching it with subtitles, and even that is a big leap and a giant relief for people making content in languages other than the ones that are universally known. But there are also takers who love their content dubbed rather than reading the subtitles. Platforms like PlayFlix come into play here. 

The Hindi-speaking audience has always been a fan of dubbed content. Our majority consumption of pre-digital evolution South films has been dubbed versions of the movies. So when the Korean dramas have now come to us, we will, of course, find a way to get the dubbed versions of them too. For this, we have made that quest easy for you. PlayFlix, an interesting platform for fans of Korean dramas in India, has a section that is dedicated to dubbed K-Dramas in Hindi, and there are some of the most loved ones streaming there.

So below is a list of Korean dramas from PlayFlix that are dubbed in Hindi and you can binge-watch on the platform. Read on and add them to your watchlist.

Hindi Dubbed K-Dramas On PlayFlix

Children Of Nobody (2018)


Cast: Lee Yi-kyeong, Chw Hak-yeon, Kim Seon-a, and Nam Gyu-ri.
Director: Jung Kyu Choi.

What is a perfect life? A woman who is a child counselor is happily married and is now expecting a child. She thinks her life is just perfect with no chaos till the day when she hits a child with her car. With a secret detective she gets on board to find a serial killer but little does she know that this will lead her to her own past and break the facade of a perfect life that she has been living under.

20th Century Boy And Girl (2017)

Cast: Park Seoham, Shin Se-hwi, and Lee Chang-Yeop.
Director: Lee Dong-yoon.

Coming of age has to be one of the most loved genres across the world. When three virgins come together and have spent most of their time together, they know each other pretty well. When the boy they liked is back in their lives, momentary chaos is launched but only brings them together. The show explores the theme of relationships, bonding, family, love, and the need for home in a world that is fast and demanding.

Less Than Evil (2018)

Cast: Shin Ha-Kyun, Lee Seol, and Park Ho-san.
Director: Joon- Woe Heo.

Less Than Evil, like the name suggests, is intense and not for people who crave light and lenient content. Here is a detective who has a very strong sense of justice and is also doomed by the high-intensity crime that he solves and a woman who is insensitive towards her own death. These two get into a tug of war, and the psychological games between them take center stage.

Marriage Contract (2016)

Cast: Lee Sio-jin, Kim You-Jin, and Yong-geon Kim.
Director: Jin-min Kim.

Contrary to how relationships are formed out of love, this one here is a relationship formed out of desperate need. This is not your ordinary story of people opting for a marriage of convenience to fulfill their wishes. This is about a widowed woman who wants to bring up her 7-year-old daughter and a man who is wealthy but is also the only child taking care of his ailing mother and how they come together for a contract marriage. This is a story that will fit the taste of Hindi TV audiences and thus recommended.

Missing 9 (2017)

Cast: Baek Jin-hee, Jung Kyung-ho, and Choi Tae-joon.
Director: Byung Gil Choi.

Missing 9 has no landscape bar because it is a story that talks to people from across the world. A thriller like no other, 9 people from an entertainment company get on a flight to a concert. Including entertainers and their staff, the flight witnesses a brutal crash. The 9 survive but get stranded on an island. Cut to 4 months later a man from the flight comes back to Korea as the lone survivor from the crash and a witness to what happened. What exactly happened? Check out the show.

You can watch all of them on PlayFlix with your OTTplay Premium subscription. Stay tuned to OTTplay for more information on this and everything else from the world of streaming and films.