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Summer Strike to You Are My Destiny - Korean Dramas on PlayFlix to make your week merrier

PlayFlix is home to a lot of Korean content and today we recommend you some slice-of-life shows from the same.

Summer Strike to You Are My Destiny - Korean Dramas on PlayFlix to make your week merrier
Korean Dramas To Watch On PlayFlix

Last Updated: 08.29 PM, May 08, 2024


With the advent of streaming platforms and their global circulation, there has been a triggered hunger for more content—diverse content that is worthy. We have seen many wings of content from across the world flourish due to OTT platforms, which previously were termed niche and assumed to have a very limited audience. But with streaming providing access to every remote user to watch content from as far as the end of the world, the dynamic changed overnight and the same niche content became a part of pop culture with big investors ready to invest. Korean drama shows, popularly known as K-Dramas, found the mileage they deserved and suddenly the whole world was talking about and invested in the world of these shows.

We have now discovered genres in Korean dramas, including crime thrillers, fantasy shows, fictional content, zombie dramas, dystopias, and much more that are yet to be explored. But one genre that K-dramas have always aced is the feel-good kind of shows. There is a certain warmth in how many of these K-dramas unfold, mostly set in fictional beautiful towns where these stories are brilliantly made and very finely executed. With the OTTplay Premium subscription, we discovered a platform called Playflix and realized that it is a treasure trove of Korean content. So, we decided to dig more and find some good recommendations for you.

As we explore Playflix, here are titles on the platform that you should be watching. These shows are mostly about life and everything that comes with it.

Shows on Playflix You Must Binge

Summer Strike (2022)


Episodes: 24
Adapted from a Webtoon, Summer Strike should be on your list even if you aren't a fan of K-dramas. A woman, facing two tragedies including the loss of her mother, decides to give up her city life and move to a remote village where she plans to do nothing for a year. In the village, she finds a library run by a man who has also suffered a tragedy. The two broken souls come together to form something magical. Summer Strike is a heartwarming tale of bonds, friendship, love, and everything in between. Tune into this one without a second thought.

Lonely Enough to Love (2020)

Episodes: 20
Lonely Enough to Love captures the dilemma that the younger generation is facing today. We want someone to love but also our freedom; we desire relationships but also detachment. The story is about a group of youngsters living in a co-living space as they navigate through life. While there are loopholes, the core of this show is rooted in a very real problem, and you will find yourself relating to one of the characters if you fall in the same age bracket.

Sweet & Salty Office (2018)

Episodes: 20
What happens when a person living in oblivion is suddenly thrust into the spotlight? A woman who has found her comfort in the mundane life of an office where she is almost invisible is caught in a love triangle when a new man joins the team and an old colleague who has always liked her is triggered. This show is for all of you who love office dramas and love triangles. Add this to your watch list right now and enjoy it over the weekend or between work, maybe.

You Are My Destiny (2014)

Episodes: 40
An heir to a massive company is about to propose to his lady love. But fate has other plans as he meets a girl one random night when the two are intoxicated by a drug. Sparks fly between them, and the next thing they know, the woman is pregnant. Begins the journey of two strangers trying to mend things by coming together. You Are My Destiny is a show that has multiple parallel themes running together, and you will have a lot to look forward to. With 40 episodes, the show covers every corner of this story, and you will love how their relationship blooms through everything that it goes through.

Extraordinary You (2019)

Episodes: 32
What if the supporting and nameless characters in a story, a comic in this case, get to take center stage and become the lead? A girl is able to look into the future and decides to change it her way after knowing she doesn't have much time left. The show unfolds in a school and there is a lighthearted treatment to a story that is so complex. You will love how the execution focuses on all the bright things while also reminding you of the doom that follows.

You can watch all these shows on Playflix with your OTTplay Premium subscription. Stay tuned to OTTplay for more content like this and everything else from the world of streaming and films.