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Cookbook Of Love To Greta’s Wedding - Romantic German films on CinemaWorld to take away your mid-week blues

CinemaWorld has a good library of German movies and these from the romantic genre are ones you cannot miss. 

Cookbook Of Love To Greta’s Wedding - Romantic German films on CinemaWorld to take away your mid-week blues
German Films On CinemaWorld

Last Updated: 03.11 PM, May 15, 2024


The language of love is universal. There are no limitations on subtitles, decency, or language to understand the emotion that is felt by all of us on different levels. Love is not just a genre but the fuel for stories from across the world. It could be with someone, for something, or maybe just the hatred of it that could fuel some, but it has to be the common element that drives the world to things that become stories. Movies and filmmakers from across the globe have been trying their hands to dissect what exactly this emotion is and how it drives the human mind so wild, making it do things that one might not think of if not in love. While we have been obsessed with Hindi films and also English for a decent number of years, our doors are now open for world content and languages.

This is where CinemaWorld comes into play. It is a platform that offers nuanced movies from across the globe. The range of genres on the platform is fascinating, and we thought of exploring it with our OTTplay Premium subscription. While doing the same, we reached a corner where there were just German movies, and to top it all off, these were German movies about love and everything that comes with it. Comedy, complexities, tragedy, and bonds—everything in one place. So, we decided to give some of them a try, and we certainly weren't disappointed at all.

So here is a list of romantic German movies from CinemaWorld you can add to your watchlist and binge on throughout the weekend, or maybe make them your break partners during working hours.

Romantic German Films On CinemaWorld

Cookbook Of Love (2017)


Cast: Anna Hausburg, Christian Martin Schäfer, and Sebastian Kaufmane.
Director: Ulli Baumann.

To begin with, this is a complex love story but with a very tender heart. Here is a cooking class-themed love for all those on the quest for it, for those who are on the verge of breaking their relationship and seek to mend it, for those who have lost hope in it, and it is owned by Jule. Her fiancé Ole is expecting her in New York, but she doesn't go. Instead, she welcomes Billie and Anna into the class, only to fall for Billie. The two form a secret relationship and are enjoying it, but neither Jule nor Billie are ready to dump their partners for each other. Ole suddenly appears in the kitchen one day, and now Jule needs to choose between him and Billie.

Greta’s Wedding (2016)

Cast: Alissa Jung, Jens Atzorn, Heike Trinker.
Director: Martin Geis.

A woman is about to get married to a wealthy businessman. Their relationship is too good to be true and too lame to be interesting. However, right before the wedding day, there comes a surprise with Greta’s ex-husband Leon, who shows her a mistake on their divorce papers and how it is still not finalised. In no time, her world turns upside down and Greta goes to extreme measures to get it sorted. But destiny has other plans, and Greta has no option but to obey those.

Mr Words, My Lie, My Love (2009)

Cast: Daniel Brühl, Hannah Herzsprung, and Henry Hübchen.
Director: Alain Gsponer.

A waiter finds an unpublished manuscript in a dresser’s drawer. To impress a woman, he claims that he is the author of the same and the manuscript becomes a book. The book sells well and is a bestseller, and the waiter is now a famous man. But little does he know that doom is about to knock on his door as the real author enters the story. The original author makes sure he makes the world hell for the waiter and makes him realise the mistake he has committed. Do you wonder why this one is in the romantic section? Well, you did read that he does all of this to impress a woman, right?

In Love With My Boss (2017)

Still from In Love With My Boss
Still from In Love With My Boss

Cast: Ellenie Salvo Gonzàlez, Markus Brandl, and Merle Collet.
Director: Matthias Kiefersauer.

This is for all of you living with the agony of one-sided love. Anna is in love with her boss, who is a very attractive man. For him, she is nothing more than his assistant and also a part-time babysitter for his preteen son. The fact that both of them date different people never makes Sven realise Anna has feelings for him. Anna then decides to set him up with her best friend, but the plan doesn't work. What happens later is a very interesting tale, and you must watch it yourself. 

You can watch all of them on CinemaWorld with your OTTplay Premium subscription. Stay tuned to OTTplay for more information on this and everything else from the world of streaming and films.