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Here are five reasons why you shouldn’t miss out on the TV series Mr & Mrs Smith on Prime Video

Mr & Mrs Smith is a series adaptation of the popular 2005 Brangelina film and will stream in February on Prime Video. The show stars Donald Glover and Maya Erskine as the leading pair.

Here are five reasons why you shouldn’t miss out on the TV series Mr & Mrs Smith on Prime Video
Donald Glover and Maya Erskin in Mr. & Mrs. Smith trailer

Last Updated: 07.01 PM, Jan 30, 2024


Mr and Mrs Smith became popular after the Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie starrer was released in 2005. Popular enough to be rebooted for a television adaptation by Prime Video. This time, the series Mr & Mrs Smith will star Donald Glover and Maya Erskine in the titular roles. But why watch it again? Here are five reasons not to miss Mr & Mrs Smith, to be released on February 2, 2024, on Prime Video.

It is a new spin on humor and espionage unlike the original 2005 Mr & Mrs Smith


Mr & Mrs Smith, the tv series, promises more humorous banter and fun adventures with the characters of Donald Glover and Maya Erskine’s John and Jane Smith slowly getting to know each other, after being married off as strangers. From bickering over nothing, to calling one another’s dry, wintry heel a “turtle’s belly” and a “croissant from hell” the actors assure witty and amusing repartee throughout their high-voltage escapades and action sequences.

The ‘Mr & Mrs Smith’ concept is pruned and altered for something more fun

The Mr & Mrs Smith concept of the husband and wife initially being rival assassins before falling in love, years after being in a fake marriage and only after learning one another’s real identity, is now overused and old. The series Mr & Mrs Smith explores the budding romance between two strangers, who were married off only because “they draw less attention as a couple” and have no interest in each other. From battling feelings for one another to solving and occasionally messing up missions, all the while forced to reside as a married couple, has an extra fun and much less toxic touch to it.

The series Mr & Mrs Smith features a developing romance with a slow burn chemistry

Mr & Mrs Smith, starring Glover and Erskine, showcase the developing romance between two lonely strangers, who end up married as a social cover to maintain their assassin identities. From having a ‘work’ marriage to falling deeply for another while bickering over the littlest things, this Mr and Mrs Smith feature a relatable bond that can only build up slowly but steadily to the most passionate and lasting romance.

The show’s Mr & Mrs Smith couple are less toxic and more fun

By not pairing two rival agency assassins in a boring marriage for years before actually seeing through one another’s facade, the Prime original has set a decent and less toxic foundation for the Smiths. Even if they lie to their neighbors, at least they are honest with one another and vulnerable, with no pretense. Also, their awkward and fumbling encounters add to the fun. Gone are the days of flawless heroes, bring in the flawed but sincere individuals who make mistakes and get hurt, but always give their best and have one another’s back.

Prime Original Mr & Mrs Smith also traces the gradual improvement of newly hired assassins

Almost all espionage and thriller Cinema and TV show the protagonists born with insane killing and fighting skills. Now the Mr & Mrs Smith series does not promise a Sheldon Cooper-like understanding of physics, but it does show the training procedure, the fumbling, the awkwardness of first kills and secret missions, as well as the fact that assassins and spies are also humans at the end of the day. The show features the new Jane and John Smith execute their job on a trial-and-error basis, especially since training and theory is far different from the real world and its situations.