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Here are five reasons to watch Adam Sandler’s Spaceman, a poignant interstellar adventure, on Netflix

Adam Sandler does not need an introduction. The comedy king is still peaking in his career, with films like Uncut Gems & Hustle. Here are five reasons, other than him, to watch his new film Spaceman.

Here are five reasons to watch Adam Sandler’s Spaceman, a poignant interstellar adventure, on Netflix

Adam Sandler in a still from the trailer of Spaceman 

Last Updated: 08.04 PM, Feb 04, 2024


Based on the 2017 novel Spaceman of Bohemia by Jaroslav Kalfar, Spaceman is Netflix’s upcoming sci-fi adventure that has intriguing and often, touching twists to it. Directed by Johan Renck of HBO’s Chernobyl fame, the film stars Adam Sandler, Carey Mulligan, and Paul Dano in a unique role. Set to be released on March 1, 2024, here are five reasons to not miss out on Adam Sandler’s interstellar adventure.

1. Spaceman stars a cute, bizarre extraterrestrial creature with surprising depth

Spaceman features a peculiar and mythical spider-like alien, voiced by Paul Dano, who exhibits the surprising traits of empathy and kindness, without harboring any ill intentions. Unlike Pennywise’s cruel and starving arachnid form, Spaceman’s extraterrestrial arachnid named Hanus, features a soft and gentle voice set at a soothing cadence by the talented actor who offers Adam Sandler insightful advice and help on his crumbling marriage before it's too late to save it.


2. Spaceman original began as a quirky interstellar short story before growing into a novel

The novel Spaceman was based on, Spaceman of Bohemia, initially began as a short story about an American astronaut stranded in orbit, whose wife filed for divorce on earth. Though the story began as a fun and short one, it later expanded into a space odyssey about loneliness, time, aliens, friendship, and marriage.

3. The film makes a prolific exploration of loneliness and emotional strain

Spaceman stars Adam Sandler in a never-seen-before avatar, a lonely, heartbroken man, desperate to save his marriage, but stuck in a research mission at the end of the solar system, while his pregnant wife grows impatient and more distant. He has already spent 6 months alone in space and his silent onscreen moments speak louder than words. However, it is only when Hanus joins him that we start a magic realistic exploration of the holes in his marriage as well as the quest to fix it.

4. Spaceman explores the emotional uncertainty of a crumbling marriage

Spaceman explores the instability and uncertainty that a marriage faces when the distance separating them is light years. The film shows the rightful anger stifled by a distant and pregnant Lenka as she suffers solitude, while her husband Jakub suffers loneliness of a more extreme kind. However, their lack of communication is not due to physical distance, but an emotional one. And that is where Hanus comes as the friendly extraterrestrial marriage counsellor.

5. The Netflix original stars a highly talented cast

Starring Adam Sandler as Jakub Prochazka the first fictitious and independent astronaut of Czech Republic, Carey Mulligan as his wife Lenka, and Paul Dano as Hanus, the friendly, alien spider, Spaceman, Spaceman assures a film full of iconic performances and heart-touching moments. The trailer itself makes us want to empathize with Adam, get irked by Carey and cuddle up and listen to Paul Dano’s therapeutic alien speak.