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From Black Mirror to Stranger Things - Netflix series worth binge-watching again and again

Indulge in the best of Netflix's repeat-worthy shows for endless entertainment.

From Black Mirror to Stranger Things - Netflix series worth binge-watching again and again
Black Mirror; Stranger Things

Last Updated: 02.36 PM, Apr 04, 2024


What makes a film or series so enjoyable to watch again and again? Probably the plot, the characters, or the critical reception. However, what one person finds comforting may be another's least favourite form of entertainment. Everybody has their own opinion, so there's no absolute truth. These days, it's possible to find just about any kind of entertainment one may want on television or the internet; services like Netflix are among the most dependable providers of content across many different genres.

From period dramas to supernatural thrillers, comedies with a heart, and even programmes that were literally tearing people's hearts apart, the streaming service has offered a library of classics to viewers for years. Some of these have been so beloved by fans that they've established massive fandoms. Netflix shows have reached new heights with the debut of acclaimed series such as Stranger Things in the past few years. Among the countless shows available on the platform for rewatching, these stand out as some of the finest of all time.

Black Mirror

Black Mirror is likely to perplex fans; because of this, it might be wise to watch it again and again so you can fully grasp the intricacy of each episode. Over the course of its six seasons, the British anthology delves into a wide range of genres and subjects. As the series nears its seventh, eerie season, set to premiere in 2025, it continues to captivate millions of fans with its creative and occasionally unsettling storytelling, which has earned it the title of the finest TV series of the 2010s, according to many critics.

Bojack Horseman

Famous for its one-of-a-kind combination of dark humour and profound philosophical issues, BoJack Horseman is an animated cartoon. The series follows the eponymous character, an actor on the decline who battles addiction and crippling self-loathing in a universe where anthropomorphic animals and humans live side by side. Viewers will find new depth in BoJack Horseman with each return, thanks to the series' intricate characters and moving storytelling. The touching moments and clever humour in BoJack Horseman make it a series that stays with viewers long after it ends.


Bridgerton was the most unexpectedly popular Netflix series of all time. Audiences went wild for the show after it debuted, thanks to its fresh take on historical drama and abundance of explicit material. Indeed, the series provides all the tradition and romance that regency story enthusiasts need, together with contemporary issues and an abundance of sexually explicit material. The end product is a story that captivates readers from start to finish. Seasons of Bridgerton centre on a different love story, giving viewers a sense of completion for each arc. This ensures that viewers will have the same delightful experience rewatching the stories of Daphne and Simon, as well as Kate and Antony. Bridgerton season three will premiere soon. 

Cobra Kai

Cobra Kai was an unexpectedly funny and honest sequel to the Karate Kid films. Despite YouTube's decision to end production after two seasons, Netflix saved the show. With an adult and teen ensemble, the show delivers plenty of drama, and viewers may rewatch previous episodes to pass the time until Season 4 premieres. Indeed, even after all these years since the first release of Cobra Kai in 1984, the tension between Johnny and Daniel is just as exciting.

Grace and Frankie

Grace and Frankie was an early success for Netflix and is now among the top performers for the streaming service. After hearing that their spouses are secretly in love and planning to tie the knot, Grace and Frankie zero in on the main characters' improbable friendship. They shine as an approachable comedy because of Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin's charisma. The show's eccentric characters and absurd plot points make the most of its ridiculous premise, so viewers will want to watch it again and again.


Heartstopper was a global phenomenon upon its 2022 Netflix debut. The young romance is based on Alice Oseman's graphic novel series of the same name, which she wrote and adapted for the big screen. High school students Joe Locke and Kit Conner star in the British coming-of-age series Charlie Spring and Nick Nelson, respectively, as they deal with the challenges of friendship, romance, and school life. As a romance takes root, the first season follows the lads as they overcome obstacles and become closer to one another. It delves into their friendships, as well as the difficulties of love. Even though season three won't be available until the end of the year, viewers can catch up on their favourite episodes whenever they want.

Inventing Anna

The real-life tale of Russian con artist Anna Sorokin, who posed as a rich New York socialite, is the basis for the Netflix original series Inventing Anna. The show delves into issues of privilege, identity, and the appeal of the privileged social scene through its captivating depiction of ambition and deceit. Fans would want to watch the show again and again to figure out how Anna pulled off her plots and why everyone around her acted the way they did. Inventing Anna is a visually stunning and emotionally engaging series that captivates viewers with its mix of drama, suspense, and dark humour. It has a recall value to help you discover all of the surprising plot turns.


Lucifer transferred to Netflix for season four after premiering on FOX for the first three. A passionate audience has kept the show running for six years straight; it's based on a character of the same name from DC Comics. Lucifer, like many crime and fantasy series, has season-long arcs within its episodic plot. The show's fundamental connection between its titular antihero and Detective Chloe Decker, which shifted from adversarial to love as the series went on, was a major draw for fans, along with its stunning, spectacular effects and caustic comedy. With the series finale in the bag, viewers can go back to the beginning and relive their favourite moments.

Money Heist

The high-stakes action and complex plot twists of the Spanish heist crime drama Money Heist have made it famous. In this series, the police follow a gang of criminals as they plot and execute their bold heists. Viewers will want to rewatch Money Heist to relive its exciting moments and delve deeper into the intriguing characters' motivations, thanks to the film's complicated plot and dramatic plot points. Money Heist is still a compelling series for crime thriller lovers, whether they enjoy marvelling at the complex heists or trying to decipher the complex story twists.

Never Have I Ever

Numerous Netflix series revolve around love triangles, but they don't give much room for character growth and can get old quickly. Still, it manages to produce a solid old-fashioned teen comedy while subverting the stereotype and offering a new perspective from Asian Americans. Now that the series has ended, you can go back and revisit Devi's love stories with Ben and Paxton, as well as her emotional turmoil amid all the drama.

Orange is the New Black

Many may not be aware that the six-year Netflix hit Orange is the New Black was based on a real story, becoming the show's inspiration. Piper Kerman, an American novelist who spent thirteen months in a women's prison in the late 1990s on charges of money laundering, wrote the memoir that served as the basis for the series. The dramedy takes fans on a unique journey, following the lives of convicts in a fictional federal prison. Fans of Orange is the New Black could watch the show indefinitely without tiring.

Sex Education

Among Netflix's most audacious and sincere series, Sex Education stands out. The show's distinctive empathetic treatment of racy themes makes the stories of Moordale's students both entertaining and captivating. Otis and Maeve frequently assist a fellow student with their sexual problems in Sex Education, which is a great example of the show's episodic structure. In addition to a plethora of storylines that deal with delicate and current topics, the show offers numerous continuous romances. Fans will be able to enjoy this one-of-a-kind tale again and again, learning something new with each viewing. Even when they know what's going to happen, they never become bored with the characters, since they are full of life and personality.

Squid Game

When the Squid Game came out for Halloween 2021, everyone dressed up in their best guard and player costumes. Individuals would adorn themselves in green sweatshirts adorned with white numbers, also in red jumpsuits adorned with triangle-faced masks, or like eerie dolls in hues of orange and yellow. It was almost impossible to avoid, and the fact that it had such a profound impact on viewers, however, is evidence of how much enthusiasm there was for this gloomier spin on the traditional Red Light/Green Light game. Season one's nine episodes were exhilarating, riveting, intense, and surprisingly simple to watch all at once. Production on season two is currently underway, with an expected release this year. In the meantime, fans can enjoy rewatching the first season, which was exciting and entertaining.

Stranger Things

Among Netflix's original series, Stranger Things has perhaps the widest audience appreciation. Although the exact date is still unknown, the series will eventually conclude with the release of season five on the streaming platform, over ten years after its initial broadcast in 2016. But don't worry—production on the show has resumed. The beloved show chronicles the lives of a gang of kids from Hawkins, Indiana, as well as the peculiar events that transpire in their community. Dustin Henderson (Gaten Matterazo), Max Mayfield (Sadie Sink), Mike Wheeler (Finn Wolfhard), Will Byers (Noah Schnapp), Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown), Lucas Sinclair (Caleb McLaughlin), and others discover the unusual happenings and become involved with them. The moment they hit play, viewers are engrossed in the show's characters and plots. It remains captivating, even after viewing it many times.

The Crown

Despite several alleged historical mistakes, the Netflix series has gone on to become one of the most prominent on the site, receiving plaudits for its script, cinematography, and cast performances. Among the many well-known actors who have portrayed British royals in The Crown over the course of its six seasons are Imelda Staunton and Olivia Coleman. If you want to see this legendary show from beginning to end in one sitting, it will be worthwhile to start at the beginning, since it ended right before Christmas last year.

The Haunting of Hill House

From the very beginning, viewers of this 2018 horror miniseries couldn't tear themselves away. No matter how nervous the audience was, they couldn't help but be engrossed by the film's terrifying, eerie, and intriguing qualities. It chronicles the present and past of a family, revealing the enduring impact of the supernatural traumas they endured as children. With one of television's most terrifying jump scares, The Haunting of Hill House proved it could terrify audiences; even on revisit, the show continues to shock with dramatic, unexpected moments. Mike Flanagan's The Haunting anthology series got off to a great start with this presentation, and it set the stage for the equally excellent The Haunting of Bly Manor.

The Queen's Gambit

Very few people anticipated the enormous success of The Queen's Gambit, as there wasn't a ton of A-list talent or a franchise attached to it. The miniseries was a commercial and critical smash thanks to Anya Taylor-Joy's captivating performance, an interesting storyline, and high-quality, extravagant production elements. There is a beginning and an end to The Queen's Gambit, and the producers have already stated that they are not interested in doing a second season. As a result, it's ideal for fans to revisit, because the story's enduring quality makes it perfect to revisit every so often, even if they are already aware of what's to come.

The Witcher

The Witcher, a 2019 Netflix original, combines elements of fantasy and drama. Throughout its current run on Netflix, the show follows a cast of characters in a made-up world that is based on mediaeval periods. Three seasons, consisting of twenty-four episodes, of The Witcher have streamed on the platform over the past nearly five years. The SAG-AFTRA strikes delayed the series, giving fans of The Witcher ample time to catch up on the show's events before the projected arrival of season four in early to mid-2025.


Critics and viewers alike praised the 2022 Netflix original based on The Addams Family upon its premiere. As a spin-off featuring only one character from the successful 1991 black comedy, it came after Wednesday Addams, starring Jenna Ortega. Bringing his expertise from the goth series and his signature eerie feelings to the small-screen exploration of one of the family's offspring, Tim Burton directed four of Wednesday's eight episodes. The Wednesday series mostly follows her as she adjusts to life at a private school, faces social pressures, and discovers she has psychic talents. The highly acclaimed series ranks as Netflix's number-two most-watched English-language series to date. With work on season two set to begin in April, fans will have at least a year to binge-watch the first season on Netflix.


Joe Goldberg, a bookshop manager, becomes morbidly obsessed with the women he loves in the psychological thriller series You, and he gets more and more deceptive and risky in his relationships. The show delves into disturbing themes like obsession, stalking, and the hazy boundary between love and control. You offers rewatch value because of its intricate character relationships and dramatic narrative, which let viewers go deeper into Joe's twisted mind and examine the moral quandaries encountered by the characters. If you're a lover of psychological thrillers, you won't want to miss the series for its investigation of the shadow side of human nature or its thrilling story twists.