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Gullak season 4 - The adulting of Mishra boys takes centre stage; here are the highlights from the trailer of Sony LIV’s hit show

Gullak is one of the most revered shows on Sony LIV and it is now returning for a fourth round. Here's what we have observed. 

Gullak season 4 - The adulting of Mishra boys takes centre stage; here are the highlights from the trailer of Sony LIV’s hit show
Gullak season 4 trailer highlights

Last Updated: 03.03 PM, May 21, 2024


While all of us were obsessing over the advent of OTT and bigwig shows like Mirzapur and Sacred Games and craving more from the genre, not knowing that it would become the constant flavour of space, TVF reminded us of the parallel universe that exists. The game changers who made India realise the power of the series format before anyone else was back with a story of a family, of our family, the stories of nostalgia we discuss when we get together. It was a show that felt like our reflection, and we were instantly sucked in by the content that gave us a story that resonates with almost all of us. We are talking about Gullak, a show that has, over the years, become a crucial part of our lives. Having released first in 2019, the show took a second round in 2021, followed by the third season in 2022.

The makers have now confirmed a fourth season after almost two years and they have even released a trailer and the release date for the same. Now, as the new trailer has dropped, we cannot stop ourselves from finding out what the new phase of the Mishras brings for us. The family remains the same in season four as Santosh (Jameel Khan), Shanti (Geetanjali Kulkarni), Anu (Vaibhav Raj Gupta), and Aman (Harsh Mayar) return for their recurring parts. This time around, the story is about adulting. Adulthood has knocked on the door of the Mishras because even their younger one is now all grown up and about to enter a new phase of his life.


So, as the Gullak season 4 trailer drops on the internet, we dissect the four highlights from the same, and guess what this brings for us as the new season drops on Sony LIV on June 7, 2024. Read on.

Highlights From Gullak 4 Trailer

No More Just Nostalgia

The fuel for Gullak has been the nostalgia factor. The show has been one of those rare stories that has always fallen close to home with its writing because it was that relatable. It was more of a chronicles of childhood, teenage years, and everything in between. Now, as the boys grow up and the family together has been through a hurricane of a situation that led to the elder coming of age suddenly, the show is now about them, their life beyond childhood, and not just nostalgia.

It's About Aman Now

The last season was about Annu and how he came of age as the father suffered a heart stroke, and that scene had us all in tears. Season 4 now has Annu holding his ground, while Aman is growing up and fast approaching adulthood. His journey is like that of any other boy who feels he is the smartest. How that creates sparks in the Mishra household takes centre stage in season 4 of Gullak.

Annu Is All Grown Up

The three seasons have mostly been about how Annu is still a childlike boy who doesn't fully understand his responsibilities. But when fate brings hard times, he takes the reins and makes us realise there was always a responsible human in him. Season 4 has him all grown up, being serious and showing his younger brother the right path, even if he has to raise his voice. He is no longer the clumsy Annu whom the aunties from the neighbourhood would taunt. He is now a man who supports running the household.

Love Is Knocking On The Doors

One of the aspects of adulthood is also falling in love, and the Mishras are finally welcoming new characters. In a brief but very prominent glimpse in the trailer, the makers tease how both the boys are about to fall in love. Whether they will be successful in it or come out crying from the other side of the tunnel is a mystery only the release of the show can solve.

Gullak season 4 will hit Sony LIV on June 7, and you can watch it with your OTTplay Premium subscription. Stay tuned to OTTplay for more information on this and everything else in the world of streaming and films.