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House Of The Dragon - 5 deleted scenes from the Game Of Thrones prequel that are fascinating

House Of The Dragon was released last year and was instantly labeled one of the best.

House Of The Dragon - 5 deleted scenes from the Game Of Thrones prequel that are fascinating
House Of The Dragon

Last Updated: 06.38 PM, Jan 15, 2024


While we see many shows being released, announced, some scrapped, and many revamped, the anticipation that comes attached to anything Game Of Thrones is intense. The world waits for HBO and George RR Martin to announce something about the IP at least at equal intervals if not every month. One of the most anticipated shows to be coming out of the same mill at the moment is House Of The Dragon season 2 as the success of the season and the content’s aftertaste are still very much fresh for the fans of the show who were rewarded by it after being underwhelmed by season 8 of Game Of Thrones.

House Of The Dragon, which was announced long ago and released last year, was a prequel set centuries ago in Westeros. It explores King Viserys’ reign on the lands of Westeros as dragons flew free and in abundance over the sky of the great city of King’s Landing. The show progressed to the time Rhaenyra married Daemon and they both lived separately as their relationship raised questions. House Of The Dragon was the representation of the power dynamics between two women Rhaenyra and Alicent, who were once best friends.

So when a show is made at a scale so large, it is given that there was much more shot than what was served to us in the 10 episodes. A whole lot was chopped on the edit table and some things even before. So today we talk about the five most exciting deleted scenes that could have made a massive impact. Whether they would have helped the show or not is subjective, but as standalone scenes, they were brilliant.

Viserys Thinks Of Telling Daemon The Prophecy

The prophecy of the long winter was made ages before the Night King even entered the North and beyond. Viserys were heard telling it to Rhaenyra as she was taking the throne after him. The makers did think of adding some more complexities to this pool where Viserys could have revealed the prophecy to Daemon in the show. This means while Daemon has a hunger for the throne, he could have also known the secret. We cannot even imagine the chaos.


Rhaenyra Dresses Alicent For Her Wedding

The most moving trajectory in House Of The Dragon was to see Rhaenyra and Alicent drift apart. Two girls so much in love with each other as friends are broken by the politics of the crown that decides their fate. Soon their lives are divided by a boundary and they go to war with one another. A scene that had Rhaenyra help Alicent to get ready to marry her father Viserys was cut from the first season. The haunting poetry of this scene would have left us all shocked.

Daemon’s Reaction To Son Lucerys Death

Lucerys' death in the finale with his dragon caught us all off guard and we know that this is the day that will now lead to the Dance Of The Dragons. The reaction to the death of one of the pivotal characters was approached quite cleverly. No words, just expressions and reactions, and the season ended on Rhaenyra’s face. But if the reports are to be believed, the makers had even written and shot a scene where Daemon gets the news of Lucerys’ death and he reacts.

Criston Cole’s Oath

Criston Cole’s character has to be one of the most silently complicated characters. What started out as a charming man, he was soon one we all hated. But we all will agree to the fact that he was indeed a man of his word. Actor Fabien Frankel had himself revealed that they did shoot for a scene where he takes the Kingsguard oath and that would have changed many things for the entire show.

Daemon’s Bisexuality Reveal

The mystery around Daemon is something that makes this character what it is. While his indulgence with women is something we have seen throughout season one, there was also a hint of him being bisexual in the same. As per reports, there was a scene that had Daemon flirting with a Pentos servant when he lived with Laena there. It also involved him kissing the servant and that was cut out from the finale edit of the show. This if included could have been a very bold move and a very raw and interesting layer to the character.

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