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Popular travel documentaries on DocuBay

The Heart of Morocco, a documentary promoting tourism in the country is out on Docubay. Here is a list of other travel documentaries.

Popular travel documentaries on DocuBay

Posters of a few documentaries on DocuBay. 

Last Updated: 12.54 PM, Apr 27, 2024


Few things amaze passionate travellers like a captivating travel documentary that’s able to take you around the world through virtually. Without being there, these films make one imagine oneself in distant places because they are so well made. They really inspire you into action if you are an exploring fanatic. For those who are wondering where to visit next look no further because we have some awesome information just for you. Docubay is now offering The Heart of Morocco which is a documentary showing how beautiful that nation is. Below, you'll find a compilation of other captivating travel documentaries to ignite your wanderlust.

The Heart of Morocco

The Atlas Mountains are between the coastal plains and the immense Saharan basin on the Northern frontier of Africa, covered in snow and majestic. They are considered as the beating heart of Morocco where visitors can find some of Africa’s most beautiful sceneries and enjoy various music, culture, and events that are based on the region’s history. Now follow on a tour with two friends traveling through the visited areas. Directed by Erik Wieder, this documentary encapsulates the essence of Morocco's diverse and captivating soul.

Iron Jungle - Nature's Return to the Ruhr Valley

In Germany, nature is prioritized over the old industrial settings. In the Ruhr valley, which used to be the industrial backbone of Europe, falcons, toads, deer, and snakes have returned to their rightful places, thereby restoring life to its place. The forest animals have taken over abandoned factories, man-made ponds, and wastelands in an astounding manner to show that nature eventually triumphs over human beings. Can the blight of urban decay be turned into a sanctuary for wildlife? Directed by Christian Baumeister, this documentary sheds light on the remarkable resurgence of wildlife in the heart of industrial decline.

Beyond the Beaten Path Which Way to Abisko - Sweden

If you go the Eagar way, you’re going bold, exploring beyond beaten paths, rising above cultural limitations to get into exceptional occurrences that are evasive to most of us. The Eagar brothers are taking us to Lapland, home to reindeers in such a magical way, as well as the native Saami individuals who reside there, finding solace back in our ancient tradition by immersing ourselves in steam baths It starts out in the capital of Sweden then heading towards the north for around 200 kilometers till they eventually hit the Arctic zone line. Their chosen mode of transport? A reindeer sleigh! This documentary captures the spirit of exploration and the allure of untamed landscapes.

Biebrza - The European Amazon

Biebrza - The European Amazon gives a fascinating picture of the animals that have made the Biebrza Valley their home all-year round. This documentary provides some magnificent images of different parts of the valley, various wildlife sounds plus beautiful music give us such an insight as if we were there and watching through movie scenes. Biebrza is a very rich river in its ecology just as much as Amazon is synonymous with biodiversity, but it is not a river like the former.

The Aquatic Adventures

It is considered that water is basically life's most essential commodity, this is why it has been used as a most significant character that binds the human race in the world. Come along with Jérôme to Kenya and Peru as he goes deeper into the ancestral relations of water in societies all over the world taking a closer look at their inheritance which is quite varied from culture to culture, religion or beliefs that are greatly spirituality based as well as life changing movements or even emotions.

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