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Road House - Here are 5 reasons why you should definitely watch the Jake Gyllenhaal-starrer, despite being a remake

Watch how Jake Gyllenhaal turns himself into a rugged fighter with a chiselled physique and throws some killer dialogues in Road House

Road House - Here are 5 reasons why you should definitely watch the Jake Gyllenhaal-starrer, despite being a remake

Road House

Last Updated: 08.18 AM, Jan 31, 2024


Leaving his romantic aura aside, Jake Gyllenhaal is coming to take your breath away with some killer moves and insane actions, and of course, his chiselled physique will definitely make you drool over him. This new Elwood Dalton promises to bring a fresh swagger to the iconic role. Mark your calendars as the action explodes onto Amazon Prime Video on March 21, 2024.

Here are five reasons you shouldn't miss Road House:

A remake of the cult-classic Road House

Dust off your neon leg warmers and crank up the Bon Jovi, because the Double Deuce is back. Three decades after Patrick Swayze's unforgettable reign in 1989, Road House gets a 2024 reboot, with Jake Gyllenhaal channelling the spirit of the original while bringing his own brand of smooth moves to the role of Elwood Dalton. It's time to revisit a classic with a fresh twist, promising nostalgia-fueled thrills and enough action to kick you right back to the ‘80s. Prepare to be entertained, surprised, and maybe even a little bit sweaty.

Jake Gyllenhaal's masterclass performances

For fourteen years, Jake Gyllenhaal might have been your rom-com king, but prepare for a royal coup now. This time, he is trading his puppy eyes for a six-pack and his whispered confessions for bone-crushing takedowns. Get ready for a Gyllenhaal you never knew existed: a chiselled action hero with a smirk sharper than his knife skills. His sarcastic banter will leave you breathless, and his fight scenes? Let's just say your popcorn won't be the only thing popping.


Conor McGregor’s acting debut

The character Knox, a formidable villain in Road House, is played by none other than real-life UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) conqueror Conor McGregor. His casting in the action-thriller has generated considerable buzz, with fans eager to see how the notorious fighter translates his combat skills and charisma to the big screen. Early glimpses from the trailer suggest that he's more than up for the challenge, delivering a menacing performance that promises to make Knox a truly unforgettable villain.

A gripping storyline for action lovers

A retired tough boxer from the UFC gets a job at a wild bar in Florida after retirement. Things are weird and creepy there, and it's not just because people get loud and say bad words; some notorious things are happening. Get ready to watch some R-rated scenes like extreme brutality, lots of slang words, and endless nudity.

One of the best action films from the ‘80s era

In the 1980s, action flicks used to brim with muscle-bound heroes fighting for justice. While Silvester Stallone, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Van Damme dominated the era, Patrick Swayze carved a niche with Road House. This bar-brawling Hollywood thriller-drama established Swayze as the ‘nice guy’, who unleashes fury when pushed to the edge. Road House's enduring appeal lies in its blend of relentless action and endearing charm. As a remake has been made now, let's explore what makes this film a knockout.