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The Mandalorian And Grogu to release in 2026 but what about season 4? Listing down every upcoming Star Wars spin-off and their status

There is a lot of Star Wars content promised to the fans of which only The Mandalorian And Grogu has a concrete update. 

The Mandalorian And Grogu to release in 2026 but what about season 4? Listing down every upcoming Star Wars spin-off and their status
The Mandalorian And Grogu Gets A Release Year

Last Updated: 10.12 PM, Feb 09, 2024


The chaos in the world of Star Wars at this point is real because the franchise has branched out into advanced spin-offs that are now moving toward standalone futures. While The Mandalorian has managed to garner a fanbase and become a standalone entity on its own, it is moving forward and splitting into a new branch. If all that branching is making you dizzy, we are talking about The Mandalorian and Grogu. The movie which is the first of its kind is now progressing and Bob Iger recently confirmed that it is all on track and is scheduled to release in 2026. But there is more to this.

Directed by Jon Favreau, The Mandalorian And Grogu was announced long back and the filmmaker was very excited to shape the film. With no update in sight, there was a sense of fear that we might just not get it. But turns out that is not true. But what about the rest of the Star Wars content that we were promised but we are yet to get it all? The past few months have been about one of the biggest confusions that is, whether the season 4 of The Mandalorian will be a movie or a film. Add to it there is also a direct Star Wars spin-off also announced.

So now Bob Iger has made some comments and confirmed The Mandalorian And Grogu but is yet to announce much more. Read on to know three upcoming Star Wars projects and where they stand at this point in the entire chaos.

The Mandalorian And Grogu

With Jon Favreau at the helm of it, The Mandalorian And Grogu is in safe hands. Bob Iger has confirmed that the movie will hit the big screen across the globe in 2026. To add to that reports on the internet have also shared two possible dates the movie can release. The first is May 22, 2026, and December 18, 2026. There is no confirmation of the storyline, the cast, and everything else.

The Mandalorian Season 4

However, Bob Iger has not spoken at all about The Mandalorian season 4, which still stands on unsettled waters. The last update told us that The Mandalorian season 4 will continue to be a series while The Mandalorian And Grogu will be a film. However, CCO Dave Filoni was recently asked to talk about the fourth season. He decided to play coy according to Comic Book Movie as he said, "There's so much spinning in the galaxy right now. You know me better than to commit to any one thing... No mind trick works on me."

New Jedi Order

Amid all that drama around The Mandalorian season 4, we have all forgotten that there was a New Jedi Order movie in the making too. It also stars a star as big as Daisy Ridley. But nothing about that movie has been revealed yet. Fact that The Mandalorian And Grogu is releasing in 2026, the chances are that the Daisy starrer will be pushed even beyond that.

The What If...? Inspired Star Wars Show

This rumor caught us all off guard last month when someone randomly on the Internet said that Lucas Films is taking a leap of faith by doing something that has worked for Marvel Studios. The makers were reportedly thinking of making a What If...? Inspired Star Wars show that would look at the infinite possibilities and make multiple episodes leading to seasons out of the same.

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