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Ashleel Udyog Mitra Mandal
1 Hr 57 Min
Movie . Comedy . Drama
Director . Alok Rajwade
Starring . Amey Wagh, Abhay Mahajan, Parna Pethe
Asheel Udyog Mitra Mandal is a 2020 Indian-Marathi language film directed by Alok Rajwade. It is the story of Aatish, who is a porn addict. The film follows Aatish’s life and his experiences. Aatish, a sex craving porn addict, has got it all wrong. He loves Sana, but his concept of love and lust are intermingled. He often wonders about Savita Bhabhi, a fictional porn character. One day his dad finds his porn collection and he’s in deep trouble. Aatish soon starts working at a hangout spot. There the people decide to organise a Dahi Handi fest.They want to invite someone as a chief guest of status yet relevant. Aatish suggests, Savita Bhabhi. However, how can anyone invite a fictional character? Aatish says leave that to me.
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