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5 Fantasy Kdramas you must watch if you like Leeminho, Lee Jong Suk, IU

An escape from reality imparts a sliver of adventure, and magic to our monochromatic life. From Goblin to Hotel Del Luna, here are five best fantasy-packed Kdramas to binge-watch over the weekend!

5 Fantasy Kdramas you must watch if you like Leeminho, Lee Jong Suk, IU
5 best Fantasy Kdramas

Last Updated: 12.05 AM, Nov 04, 2023


The world of dramas is a sweet treat for not just the avid K-pop and kdrama lovers but the fascinating storyline and impeccable actors are enough to sweep anyone off their feet!

Sometimes it takes a few fantasy dramas/movies to give you a headstart to escape from the monotonous routines of our lives. An escape from reality imparts a sliver of adventure, and magic to our monochromatic life.

Here are five best fantasy-packed Kdramas that come to your rescue!

1. W (two worlds apart)

W narrates the story of a surgeon Yeong Joo who is entangled in a mystical comic world after she unknowingly saves the protagonist, Kang Chul. This 16-episodic series juxtaposes between an alternate world and the real world, stars Lee Jong-suk, and Han Hyo-joo in leading roles.  A fantasy vs reality trope with a twisted murder mystery and vengeance angle makes this drama a must-watch.

2. Hotel Del Luna

With popular faces of the kdrama entertainment industry like IU, Lee Do-hyun, Lee Ji-eun, and Kim So-hyun – This ensemble cast drama follows a supernatural hotel run by a hot-headed boss lady Jang Man-wol, who is paying for her grave sins. She is later joined by the only human and newly hired hotel manager who together serve the dead hotel guests. This 2019-drama was an instant hit for its intriguing plotline with hidden secrets!

3. The Legend Of The Blue Sea

This tale of reincarnation, twisted fate, and unlikely lovers is based on Korea’s Joseon-era legend of historical stories. Starring the finest actors, Lee Min-ho and Jun Ji-hyun – The series unfolds the epic love story of Shim Cheong, a mermaid, and Heo Joon-jae, a witty con artist. The parallel stories between past and present keep viewers glued to the screens.

4. While You Were Sleeping

Another Lee Jong-suk drama to add to your binge-watch list. This 2016 fantasy, rom-com kdrama stars Lee Jong-suk, Bae Suzy and Jung Hae-in. The story unveils after the three protagonists – A news reporter, a prosecutor, and a police officer team up to prevent tragic events in courtroom or their twisted fates. Each of them attains a supernatural ability to see future events after they encounter near-death experiences, leading to save each other’s life. A sweet love-triangle, and corrupt legal system is swoon worthy.

5. Goblin

Also known as Guardian: The Lonely and Great God – narrates the intertwined story of Goblin, his special bride, Grim Reaper and a chicken shop owner. Starring Gong Yoo in the titular role, alongside Kim Go-eun (his would be bride/high school student), Lee Dong-wook (Grim Reaper) and Yoo In-na (Sunny/chicken shop lady). Goblin is cursed by the almighty after he was wrongfully framed for the death of innocent people in his previous life and his sins can only end after he meets his special bride. With budding romance and tragic ending, this drama takes you to the sweet and sour rollercoaster ride!

All the above kdramas are availabe to watch on Netflix, except While You Were Sleeping, which can be streamed on Viki Rakuten.

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