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50 days of Blink: From struggle for theatres, to battling piracy and more

Producer Ravichandra AJ recounts the struggle it was to get his debut venture Blink to theatres, retain screens and secure digital and satellite rights, among others, in a long social media post.

50 days of Blink: From struggle for theatres, to battling piracy and more
Dheekshith Shetty in a still from Blink

Last Updated: 09.28 AM, May 03, 2024


The Kannada film Blink, made by a team of newbies, including producer Ravichandra AJ and director Srinidhi Bengaluru, has successfully completed 50 days at the box office – a milestone that they are extremely proud of, given how tough a journey it has been. Blink released in theatres on March 8 and had a tough time getting enough screens/shows and retaining them. The film even went without shows on a few days, despite the largely positive reviews and word-of-mouth publicity.


If this wasn’t bad enough, the film was pirated on Day 1 of its release and widely available on illegal download avenues. Although it rattled the team a bit, they persevered and continued pushing the distributor into allotting them a few shows here and there, which has got them to this theatrical milestone.

Elated at this feat, Ravichandra took to social media with lengthy posts about the struggle Blink had in getting to 50 days. He has secured a streaming deal for Blink , which, we are told is for pay-per-view, which means every minute streamed matters for them to be able to recover costs and ensure that Ravichandra does not remain a one-film producer.

The plot of Blink

Blink, which has Dheekshith Shetty in the lead, is a sci-fi thriller involving time travel that also, in a very bold step, explored the Oedipus Complex. Dheekshith was Apurva, a young student living in Bengaluru, who also does sundry jobs to get by. Apurva has grown up believing that his father abandoned him and his mother many years ago and is presumed dead.

When he then meets a mysterious old man, Arivu, who tells him that his father may be alive and thriving and that the key to unravelling the truth lies in him travelling back in time and retracing the latter’s steps, Apurva sets of on a journey that throws up several uncomfortable facts.

Blink, which also stars Chaithra J Achar, Gopalkrishna Deshpande and Vajradheer Jain, is set to come to Amazon Prime Video shortly. The content has been uploaded to the streamer, but the team has received no intimation yet about a possible streaming start date.

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