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5D’s Adityaa says the ups and downs of his career have given him a clear vision of what to do

5D is Adityaa's milestone 25th as an actor and filmmaker S Narayan's 50th as a director. The film is releasing on February 16

5D’s Adityaa says the ups and downs of his career have given him a clear vision of what to do

Last Updated: 04.37 PM, Feb 13, 2024


Deadly Soma fame Adityaa’s release this week, 5D, is his milestone 25th as an actor. The film, directed by S Narayan, is the kind that Adityaa believes audiences will like and has not been tailored to give him a boost because it is his 25th. “5D is a murder mystery. For S Narayan as a filmmaker, the thriller genre is new, but the undercurrent of the film is the ‘mother sentiment’, which he has put together as a complete package in his style. Right now, there is a lot of intrigue around the film and the character, especially the one with the mask. Is he a superhero? Vigilante?” says Adityaa, adding that the screenplay could come across as confusing in the beginning, as a bunch of characters are introduced, but then, all of it will be explained in the second half.

Speaking to B Ganapathi’s online channel, Aditya spoke about his understanding of a ‘good’ film. “Good cinema, according to me, is the one that audiences like. It is impossible to pin-point and follow a success formula; no one knows for sure what will work and what won’t,” he says, adding that he’s very aware of what audiences liked and didn’t like in his filmography. This, he adds, has given him an understanding of what he needs to do in his upcoming films.


Having said that, Adityaa says that his biggest success, Deadly Soma became a dead end of sorts for him. He has not had that success since, and filmmakers return to him to with similar stories and characters. “I don’t want to do that kind of cinema again because I want to explore myself as an actor,” he says. The actor is also looking at stepping out of the action hero mould. While 5D has stunts, his upcoming film Kangaroo has none. “I’m not hung up about having action in all my films,” he says.

But after 25 films, has Adityaa thought about why his career graph does not reflect much success? “If I had ever thought like that, I would have given up acting a lot time ago. I am very clear about what I need to do in my upcoming films, while also changing according to the times,” he adds.

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