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7/G teaser - Sonia Agarwal caught between dark spirit and black magic in this underwhelming glimpse

Check out the new teaser of Sonia Agarwal-starrer 7/G, directed by Haroon Rasheed

7/G teaser - Sonia Agarwal caught between dark spirit and black magic in this underwhelming glimpse
7/G teaser

Last Updated: 03.19 PM, Apr 01, 2024


The teaser of actress Sonia Agarwal-starrer 7/G has finally arrived. The horror thriller is written and directed by Haroon Rasheed. The teaser opens with shots of different families living in a building as the story revolves around their lives.  

Sonia, who is also a resident in the apartment, is seen leading a happy life with her son. However, things go awry when a series of murders begin to happen due to the presence of a mysterious dark spirit. Interestingly, the occurrence takes place on the seventh floor of the apartment. When a murder occurs, ominous events start unfolding on the seventh floor of the apartment. A woman is seen saying that her black magic is ‘working’ on something unknown. The dark spirit begins to haunt the residents at the flat and Sonia has to unravel the truth behind the mysterious happenings. 


At first glance, the characters showcase only mediocre performance and the poor dialogue delivery is especially jarring. The film might serve a typical horror story, however, the performances and screenplay don’t pique the interest of the viewers. Despite the underwhelming teaser, fans are looking forward to watching Sonia Agarwal’s performance in the film. 

The makers are yet to announce the release date of the film.  

A poster of 7G Brundavan Colony
A poster of 7G Brundavan Colony

Sonia Agarwal’s 7G Colony and 7/G - a coincidence or does it have a connection?

Interestingly, the upcoming film's title is partly derived from Sonia Agarwal’s 2004 film 7G Rainbow Colony, in which she played the protagonist Anita. As rumours began to speculate that the new film might have a connection with her old romantic drama, director Haroon came forward to clarify. He stated that the film has nothing in common with Sonia's hit film 7/G Rainbow Colony. “It is pure coincidence. In fact, we were planning to shoot the film in flat No 8/G and call the film the same too. However, we had to shift production to flat No 7/G, and the title just fell into place,” the director revealed.  

On the technical front, the camera work for the film has been handled by Kannaa with editing handled by Biju V Don Bosco. Siddharth Vipin has scored the music for the horror thriller. 

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