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A Man in Full OTT release date – Watch Jeff Daniels as a business tycoon who has fallen from grace on THIS platform

A Man in Full OTT release date – Jeff Daniels stars in this TV drama series as a business tycoon whose business is crumbing, with wolves coming at it from every corner, eager to get a meaty bite.

A Man in Full OTT release date – Watch Jeff Daniels as a business tycoon who has fallen from grace on THIS platform
First look at A Man in Full before its OTT release

Last Updated: 01.09 PM, Mar 21, 2024


A Man in Full is based on Tom Wolfe’s 1998 novel of the same name and had been chosen for a Netflix adaptation back in 2021. Finally, the limited series is ready to roll out on the streaming platform with a star-studded cast and a power-packed plot. Created by David E Kelley, the series was directed by One Night in Miami’s Regina King and Tommy Schlamme of The West Wing fame. A Man in Full will stream on OTT this summer.

A Man in Full release date and teaser


A Man in Full will be available for streaming May 2, 2024, onward. All six episodes will stream on Netflix together, making it perfect for a binge. The limited series has not released any trailers, but has shared a teaser yesterday, to further pique the audience’s curiosity. The show is an exploration of business, politics, greed, wealth, social hierarchy, deception, and regret.

Name of Series A Man in Full
Creator David E. Kelley
Number of Episodes 6
Release date May 2, 2024
OTT Platform Netflix

A Man in Full plot

A Man in Full follows the life of Atlanta real estate mogul Charlie Crocker when he faces sudden bankruptcy. Used to a life of wealth, luxury and comfort, as those things slowly start slipping away from his grasp, Charlie’s life unravels like a woolen scarf gone wrong. As hungry wolves start emerging from various sides, eager to get a bite of his crumbling empire, Charlie goes all Mama Bear on his precious business.

Determined to protect, Charlie Crocker is ready to go to any extent. But when betrayals come from near and dear ones, it is least expected and hurts the worst. From his ex-wife to loan sharks, all have emerged to demand a share of his assets. But Crocker is not going down without a fight. However, as the teaser foretells, men are rarely aware when their time with power is done, it seems Charlie suffers from the same delusion - whether he will overcome it is to be seen.

A Man in Full cast

A Man in Full features an impressive cast, with Jeff Daniels as Charlie Croker, the business tycoon, Diane Lane as Martha Croker, his ex-wife, Tom Pelphrey as Raymond Peepgrass, a lowly loan officer, and Lucy Liu as Joyce Newman, the owner of a clean beauty line facing a crisis of conscience. The rest of the cast comprises of Aml Ameen, William Jackson Harper, Sarah Jones, Jon Michael Hill, Bill Camp, Evan Roe, and Chanté Adams in prominent roles.

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