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A Shop for Killers Episodes 5,6 Review – Lee Dong-wook's mysterious past is unveiled and it's not what you think

A Shop for Killers, starring Lee Dong-wook and Kim Hye-jun in pivotal roles, is currently streaming on Disney+ Hotstar and is receiving rave reviews for its thrilling plot.

A Shop for Killers Episodes 5,6 Review – Lee Dong-wook's mysterious past is unveiled and it's not what you think
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Last Updated: 10.26 AM, Feb 08, 2024


A Shop for Killers Story

The new episodes of A Shop for Killers unveiled the mysterious past in depth, along with the reason why an unknown assailant killed Jinman’s family (Ji-An's parents) in Episodes 1 and 2. The raw footage shows how Bae Jeong-min set a trap for the strong Jeong Jin-man, such that he was coerced to take his own life and it involved using Ji-An as bait. 

The story then delves into the mysterious past of Jin-man's profession and it is revealed that he was a straight-faced and righteous captain of one of Korea’s powerful mercenaries and Bale, the one involved in his family crisis, was one of his teammates. However, his merciless demeanour and a twisted encounter with Min-hye changed the dynamics between the two. In the present, it is revealed that Ji-An's troubled life is heading to more chaos after Bale’s return, thus leaving the audience on a cliffhanger as if he is the same brutal man or maybe had a change of heart.

A Shop for Killers Review

The latest 5 and 6 episodes of the crime thriller ‘A Shop for Killers’ were packed with new twists and turns that are bound to pulsate excitement and rush. Creating the aura of a killer person for Jeong Jinman since the initial episodes, the makers played with the audience's imagination and left them in awe after Jin-man's humanity was portrayed at its best in the last few minutes of Episode 6.


It is also engrossing to see the high-octane survival scene between Ji-an and Bae Jeong-min and how she sets a trap for him just by following childhood advice from her uncle. Both episodes carried the flow of non-linear timelines in such a way that it was engaging and oriented.

The layered narrative is well-paced and won’t disappoint the viewers, even though the main character, Jeong Jin-man (Lee Dong-wook), was killed off in the beginning. His magnificent screen presence in the past flashbacks is charming enough to keep you hooked on the screens. Be it the flying kicks or the bloodbath gun fights, A Shop for Killers boasts action in every combat scene.

A Shop for Killers Verdict

Stream A Shop for Killers to experience an unending whirlwind of tension, familial ties, and retaliation. But, considering each episode stretches for almost an hour, you'll need to dedicate nearly two hours at once to watch both episodes, which are released concurrently on the streaming service.

With Kim Hye-jun and Lee Dong-wook in crucial roles, A Shop for Killers is currently available for streaming on Disney+ Hotstar and is getting rave reviews for its gripping story.

The upcoming last two episodes will premiere on February 7 at 2 pm IST.

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