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A Shop for Killers review – Lee Dong-wook's drama delves into unscrupulous killers and deep secrets

The thriller series ‘A Shop for Killers’ is streaming on Disney+ Hotstar, with splendid duo Lee Dong Wook and Kim Hye-Joon leading the cast

A Shop for Killers review – Lee Dong-wook's drama delves into unscrupulous killers and deep secrets
A still from the teaser trailer of A Shop For Killers

Last Updated: 02.15 PM, Jan 18, 2024


Starring Lee Dong-wook and Kim Hye-jun in lead roles, the latest addition to K-dramas, A Shop for Killers, narrates the mysterious story of a man (Jeong Jin-man) whose sudden death unfolds new challenges and secrets for his only family—his niece Jeong Ji-an, who is a university student. It's been hours since the funeral, but Ji-An is already engulfed with dangerous killers vying for her death and asking for deadly weapons. The thriller series also features young actor Park Ji-bin, playing Jeong-min, a former school classmate of Ji-An, and sets the story forward with the key revelation that her uncle was a dealer of weapons and operated from a dark web e-commerce site.

A Shop for Killers Review

The initial two episodes revolve around the aftermath of Jeong Jin-man's death and follow several flashbacks. A Shop for Killers follows the use of a multi-linear timeline as it switches back and forth between the past and present. Beginning with a captivating opening scene in which Ji-an (Kim Hye-jun) is fighting off unknown assailants while remembering parts of the unusual advice she received from her uncle. Just when you’re wondering what’s going on, the drama dials to a childhood flashback, reflecting significant details about Jeong Jin-man's aloof character and how his entire family died, leaving him with no alternative but to adopt his niece.


Everything, from the intricate cinematography with distinctive camera angles to the use of ‘told in flashback’ narrative, chronicles the new life of Ji-an, where either she’ll adapt or die. The use of a tightly paced script based on The Killer’s Shopping Mall novel by Kim Ji-young works favourably for the series as it is packed with high-octane action and numerous mystery plots. Despite the main character being killed off in episode 1, the use of flashback scenes marks his key presence. Both the leads have given their best in terms of the acting craft, as you can feel the emotions that they are going through. Be it the kid going through trauma in the mortuary scene or the teen bursting out in tears, the dramatic shooting and acting are commendable.

However, some of the scenes in the narrative feel loose, like the use of unscrupulous killers without any visible motive or the illegal dealings in a secured country. Keeping these aside, the two episodes are quite gripping.

A Shop for Killers Verdict

This K-drama is everything suspenseful and intriguing, which will grasp your attention such that losing track of time is the easiest thing for viewers. Despite the main character’s death, the backstory has a magnetic force that doesn’t let you falter from the purpose of streaming binge-watching. Thanks to Disney+ for not premiering all the episodes simultaneously, because that would only mean for you to watch everything in one go despite water pooling from your eyes.

The series aired two episodes every Wednesday on Disney+ Hotstar.

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