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The Kerala Story: Is this the reason why makers of the Adah Sharma film are having a media meet today?

The event is scheduled to be held in Mumbai

The Kerala Story: Is this the reason why makers of the Adah Sharma film are having a media meet today?
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Last Updated: 09.18 AM, May 17, 2023


With the kind of response that the Adah Sharma starrer ‘The Kerala Story’ is getting from the cinegoers, there seems to be no stopping this film anytime soon from having its dream run at the box-office. Despite of all the controversy that has been surrounding the film, the film has proved to be a blockbuster at the box-office. The last few days have been a bit hectic for the makers of the film. The last few days saw the film’s release on foreign shores. On the other hand, the film’s lead actress Adah Sharma reportedly met with a road accident on the Sunday gone by.

Amidst all this, the makers of the film are planning to hold a media meet today (May 17). The media invite for the meet stated that ‘Makers of ‘The Kerala Story’ to take ahead an advocacy for the victim girls in Kerala; Vipul Shah to make an important announcement’. As per a source close to the film, the reason for the film’s makers to have a press meet is in order to say thank you to the media for supporting the film and helping it reach the common man. 

Secondly, since the film has already touched the magical figure of Rs. 100 crores (and counting), the film’s makers wanted to donate a corpus from the film’s collections as an aid to help the needy and helpless girls. The same source also added that the makers may just announce an NGO or their tie-up with an NGO that works relentlessly to rescue the victimized innocent girls.

Readers may recall that, in an exclusive interview with Adadh Sharma (who played the role of Shalini Unnikrishnan in the film) to OTT play, we had asked her that, “Adah, with your newfound success, name and fame, are you planning to do something for the victims?”. To which Adah had told us, “We already are actually. Let me tell you one thing that, even while doing the film, I was eagerly waiting for the review of the girl named Shruti, who happens to be one of the victims. She said that she and twelve other girls were going for the film." 

She added, "I had met her during the making of the film. Her review was everything for me. After hearing her review, I felt so fulfilled. She said that, “Those who were not listening to us earlier, all thanks to you, are listening to us now. You gave us a voice”. I just cannot tell you what those words meant to me. Before this film, there were very awkward and also inhuman questions which were asked to her. But, after the release of the film, people look upto her with respect and they give the respect that she rightly deserves. She told me, “You have done your job. Now, let us do ours”.

When we tried to call the film’s producer Vipul Shah to know more about the event, there was no reply from him. Attempt to reach Adah Sharma also did not yield any results. Watch this space for developments.

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