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Alia Bhatt to kick off spy mission with intense action sequences in YRF Spy Universe; details inside

Aditya Chopra and Shiv Rawail's next film sees Alia Bhatt ready for an action-packed spy role.

Alia Bhatt to kick off spy mission with intense action sequences in YRF Spy Universe; details inside
Alia Bhatt/Instagram

Last Updated: 09.26 AM, Jun 06, 2024


The announcement that Alia Bhatt would join the ranks of Salman Khan, Shah Rukh Khan, and Hrithik Roshan as an onscreen spy in the YRF Spy Universe sparked excitement. The newest member has got all the attention, and now, as per the latest reports, the actor, who is slated to play an undercover agent in Shiv Rawail's upcoming film, is scheduled to begin shooting the untitled project early in July 2024. 

Shooting schedule for the untitled spy project

According to Mid Day, Alia is not going to take any shortcuts; she will start by recording her intense entrance scene. According to their sources, Aditya Chopra has set a month-long schedule at the Andheri YRF Studios. Sharvari Wagh, who is playing Alia's onscreen sister, will shortly accompany her in creating an action set-piece throughout the next several days.


A source disclosed to the tabloid that Shiv has scheduled multiple battle scenes for the opening leg. Following her opening sequence, Alia will proceed to yet another action-packed set-piece in which she and Sharvari will team up. According to a source, Aditya will ensure a small crew and close monitoring during the Mumbai shoot to avoid any information being disclosed.

Covert assignment in the UK

The two actors will then go to the UK as part of their covert assignment. During this term, their mentor, Anil Kapoor, will join the group.

Although Alia recently experimented with the genre with Heart of Stone (2023), this is the actor's debut action film in Bollywood. Naturally, the actor is ready, having spent the last two months training at the Andheri studio under the guidance of renowned action choreographers Craig Macrae and Se-yeong Oh.

Hand-to-hand combat training

The source claims that Craig and Se-yeong, two of the seven stunt directors involved, came from London and Seoul, respectively. In the first scene, Alia will battle a slew of villains. She is currently practicing hand-to-hand combat techniques with a group of 40 people in order to master the manoeuvre.

Bobby Deol, who will portray the film's main antagonist, has also started his training.

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