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Allari Naresh: Ugram looks at cops in a new light, it’s a full-blown action thriller

The actor tells how Ugram looks at the police force quite differently in comparison to Naandhi

Allari Naresh: Ugram looks at cops in a new light, it’s a full-blown action thriller
Mirnaa and Allari Naresh
  • Srivathsan Nadadhur

Last Updated: 11.47 AM, Apr 13, 2023

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In a matter of three weeks, Allari Naresh will have Ugram, his next theatrical release after Itlu Maredumilli Prajaneekam, hitting screens across the globe. The promotional campaign for the Vijay Kanakamedala directorial kickstarted in style with a series of videos, songs capturing the imagination of audiences. Ahead of its release on May 5, the actor spoke about the cop thriller in a promotional interview with noted anchor Suma.

He says, “Ugram is going to be a full-blown action thriller with family emotions; it’s about adrenaline rush, it’s very serious and intense. This is in stark contrast to Naandhi, where the character was critical of cops. Here, you’ll try to understand life from the perspective of a cop, the difficulties they face at work. When a sincere cop wants to go about his job, what are the problems he faces?”


Naresh clarifies Ugram isn’t a balancing act in comparison to Naandhi to show cops in a good light. “We finished nearly 80% of Naandhi before the COVID-19 lockdown and I asked Vijay if he had other ideas. He came up with a premise, I liked it and with the success of Naandhi, things got better. My dad, EVV Satyanarayana, saw me as a comedy actor and gave me Bendu Appa Rao, Kitha Kithalu. Krish believed in me and gave Gamyam and the same holds true in the case of Maharshi and Sambho Siva Sambho.”

The Maharshi actor feels that a director needs to believe in an actor for the film to come out well. “I saw that trust in Vijay. He told me that I do comedy well but he preferred the intense side to me more and that’s why we could make Ugram and Naandhi. I don’t want to restrict myself to heroic roles alone; I even played a villain in Visakha Express. When a good character comes my way, I’ll always take it up.”

For those awaiting to see the Allari star in a comic avatar again, there’s some good news. “I will be doing another entertainer soon. After a series of heavy, serious films, I wanted to do something in my zone. This is to strike a balance; I am trying to ensure variety in my career. Naandhi’s success boosted my confidence. When my comedy films failed, I was unsure if people would accept me in a serious role. However, my director, producer had faith and the film succeeded.”

Naresh states actors subconsciously draw barriers themselves, which limits their potential to reinvent with time. “It’s important to take risks and make a sincere attempt. Just because success is coming our way, we can’t reduce it to a formula.”

How different is Ugram in comparison to most cop dramas? “Cops struggle to have a life beyond their profession and have unforgiving working hours and experience many frustrations. The film will offer a holistic perspective of their lives.”