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American Rust Season 2 OTT release date - The crime-drama is back after 3 years of hiatus with some new twists on THIS platform

American Rust Season 2 OTT release date - Based on author Phillip Meyer’s namesake book, the crime-drama was cancelled after its first release in 2021

American Rust Season 2 OTT release date - The crime-drama is back after 3 years of hiatus with some new twists on THIS platform

American Rust

Last Updated: 12.33 AM, Feb 16, 2024


Based on the acclaimed novel by Philipp Meyer, American Rust captivated audiences with its exploration of desperation and resilience in a struggling Rust Belt town. Helmed by Dan Futterman, the show debuted in September 2021, and its dark storyline grabbed much attention on Showtime. But just as its narrative was unfolding, the series faced cancellation after a single season in January 2022.

Where to watch American Rust Season 2

However, the story wasn't over yet. In a surprising turn of events, the crime-drama finally has been renewed to continue its exploration of the complex tapestry of crime, loyalty, and the human spirit in a forgotten corner of America. American Rust Season 2 is coming soon on Amazon Prime Video on March 28, 2024.

American Rust story

Season 2 now has a new name - American Rust: Broken Justice. The crime-drama tells a story about a fictional town in Pennsylvania, where everything is falling apart because the factories shut down. It's a story about people who used to have bright futures but now feel trapped and desperate. Even though things are tough, they fight for their dreams and support each other through thick and thin. It's a sad story, but also one about the power of friendship, loyalty, and love even in tough times.

The interesting part about this Season 2 is, all the previous cast is returning to reprise their roles, respectively. Some new faces will be as well. Stars like Mark Pellegrino, Rob Yang, David Alvarez, Alex Neustaedter, Julie Mayorga, and Kyle Beltran.

Who are the new cast?

The new faces are Luna Lauren Velez (Detective Angela Burgos) and Marc Menchaca (Vic Walker) bring fresh perspectives to the narrative. Nick Sandow (Mike Orr), Britain Seibert (Cynthia Frazier), Christopher Denham (Russell Wolff), Amelia Workman (Rinna Bransford), Leon Addison Brown (Chief Bolt), and Sara Lindsey (Maya Park) round out the expanding cast, promising a dynamic and multifaceted season.

What to expect from Season 2?

Phillip Meyer's novel - American Rust was published in 2009. Haunted by the past, Del Harris and Grace Poe search for solace in the quiet normalcy of their small town. But as they try to mend their shattered lives, a wave of brutal murders shatters their fragile peace. Unfamiliar at first glance, these killings soon reveal a sinister pattern, whispers of a far-reaching conspiracy that casts a long shadow over their close-knit community. As Del and Grace are drawn into the heart of the darkness, they must confront their own demons and fight to protect everything they hold dear.

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