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Anil Sharma clears the air: Nana Patekar's 'fan hit' video misleading, just a scene from upcoming film

Nana Patekar's video of him hitting a fan when he tried to click a selfie has been doing the rounds on the internet. Here's the truth behind it. 

Anil Sharma clears the air: Nana Patekar's 'fan hit' video misleading, just a scene from upcoming film

Anil Sharma and Nana Patekar

Last Updated: 08.10 PM, Nov 15, 2023


Filmmaker Anil Sharma has offered an explanation, hours after Nana Patekar received backlash on the internet for hitting a fan who was trying to take a selfie with him. Anil said that the video, which surfaced online on Wednesday, was a clip from his movie Journey.

For the uninitiated, the veteran actor hits the youngster in the back of his head when he approaches Nana for a picture in the short video.

Anil Sharma clears the air about Nana Patekar's viral video

Now, filmmaker Anil Sharma was quoted as saying by India Today, “I have just come to know about this news. I was watching the same video just now. Nana has not hit anyone; rather, that is a shot from my film." The Gadar 2 director further revealed, "We were filming it on the road in the middle of Banaras, where a boy who comes near Nana has to be hit on the head. Shooting was going on and Nana also hit him.”

He further said that the people gathered there captured it on their cellphones and later released the video clip. On social media, Nana is currently being portrayed as a negative and rude actor, which is untrue. The director requests that the viewers comprehend the reality of this video. "Nana has not hit anyone.”

The actor is filming Journey in Varanasi alongside Anil and his son, actor Utkarsh Sharma, according to news agency PTI. In the ten-second video, Nana was getting ready to film a part while wearing a suit and a hat when the fan approached him and attempted to take a photo. A man stationed nearby then grabbed the young man by the neck and hauled him away after a visibly enraged Nana punched the fan.

Anil Sharma also talks about Nana Patekar's character in the film

As per PTI, Anil said, "Patekar's character has dementia in the film. His mind is disturbed and a guy comes to click pictures with him. I think someone clicked on this particular portion, which is actually one of the scenes from the film."

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