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Anirudh Ravichander reviews Thalapathy Vijay's Leo, rates it higher than Jawan, Jailer

Judging from Anirudh Ravichander's reaction, Thalapathy Vijay's Leo seems to be better than Rajinikanth's Jailer and Shah Rukh Khan's Jawan. 

Anirudh Ravichander reviews Thalapathy Vijay's Leo, rates it higher than Jawan, Jailer
Anirudh reviews Leo.

Last Updated: 11.24 AM, Oct 10, 2023


Music composer Anirudh Ravichander is at the height of his popularity, not just in South Indian cinema, but across the Indian film industry. He has become the go-to music director for all big-budget, star-studded movies. And he has also scored music for Thalapathy Vijay's upcoming movie Leo. 

Anirudh has made it a ritual of sorts to express his thoughts about the movies he works on through the use of emojis. He recently did the same for Leo and it appears that he watched the entire movie after completing the re-recording work. Judging from his reaction, it seems he has liked it more than his other two blockbusters this year. 

Anirudh has used the same set of emojis that he employed when sharing his review of Superstar Rajinikanth's Jailer and Shah Rukh Khan's Leo. But, he seemed to have enjoyed more Leo than the other two movies. In his Leo tweet, he has added more emojis for the Thalapathy starrer compared to the other two movies. 

If we consider emojis as Anirudh's rating system, it suggests that Leo is likely to offer far better entertainment than Jailer or Jawan. 

Anirudh's previous blockbsuters


It's noteworthy that Anirudh is known for his grasp of the likes and dislikes of the current generation of audiences. For example, take his music album for Jawan. Initially criticized as "uninspiring" and "routine," all the songs in the movie resonated with a young audience and contributed significantly to the film's success.

Anirudh has a knack for identifying winners. Even the box office response for Jailer and Jawan reflected the mood conveyed by Anirudh's emojis. So it's safe to assume that Leo is likely to follow suit. 

Written and directed by Lokesh Kanagaraj, Leo is set to arrive in worldwide cinemas on October 19. 

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