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Annapoorani on OTT: 5 reasons to watch Nayanthara’s culinary drama on Netflix

Headlined by Nayanthara, Annapoorani: The Goddess of Food will be available to stream on Netflix starting December 29

Annapoorani on OTT: 5 reasons to watch Nayanthara’s culinary drama on Netflix
Nayanthara in Annapoorani

Last Updated: 08.56 PM, Dec 27, 2023


Nayanthara’s 75th film, Annapoorani: The Goddess of Food, which was released in theatres on December 1, is all set to make its digital debut after less than a month-long theatrical run. The Nilesh Krishnaa-directed culinary drama received mixed to positive reviews from viewers and critics. The film is the story of Annapooani, a young woman who hails from an orthodox family. She aspires to become a chef but faces hurdles and objections from her family. How she overcomes them to win a cooking contest forms the crux of the story. This emotionally charged movie also stars Jai, Redin Kingsley, Sathyaraj and Karthik Kumar in pivotal roles.


The film will be available to stream on Netflix starting December 29. And if you're on the fence about watching it or skipping it, we list 5 reasons that would compel you to stream this film:

Nayanthara’s performance

Nayanthara, who has largely starred in women-centric films, takes on a fun-yet-inspiring character in this culinary drama. The Jawan actress, who plays the titular character of Annapoorani, delivers a convincing role of a woman who is trapped by hurdles on her journey of reaching her goal. It is also worth noting that the actress has impressed the audience as a young woman who breaks through from the various challenges to pursue her passion for cooking.

Annapoorani character posters
Annapoorani character posters

A delicious food drama

The Nayanthara starrer also delves into the world of culinary arts and art of cooking. Here, Annapoorani's journey involves not only breaking societal norms and convincing her family of accepting her dreams but also expanding her skills by learning all sorts of cuisines irrespective of the kind of diet. This theme explores the storyline whether Annapoorani would succeed in reaching her goals or would she fail to make a mark due to various restrictions.

Exploring societal issues such as food politics

The film addresses important societal issues such as the politics of food, privilege, and discrimination based on caste and class. It also addresses common stereotypes surrounding Indian food culture, such as the belief that India is mostly occupied by people who consume a vegetarian diet, and also explores how food can be misinterpreted with political and social issues.

Nayanthara-Jai reunite after Raja Rani

Nayanthara and Jai were among the most-loved onscreen couples after their 2013 hit romantic drama, Raja Rani. The actor duo reunite for Annapoorani for a fun pairing that was enjoyed by viewers who got to witness their onscreen chemistry once again. Don't miss their beautiful pairing in this film. Noteworthy scenes of the duo are where Jai's character Farhan convinces Annapoorani (Nayanthara) to not give up on her dreams by reciting a phrase from Bhagavat Gita.

Exploring a father-daughter relationship

The film also explores the relationship between Annapoorani and her father, played by Achyuth Kumar. The actor takes on an excellent role of an orthodox father who is not willing to forgive his daughter for lying to him. Although he first disregards her dreams, the scenes in which Achyuth later supports her are worth watching. It takes the audience through the difficult relationship shared by a father and daughter due to their differences in opinion and how they rebuild their relationship after several obstacles.

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