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Anupamaa Update: Anupamaa BANGS her head against the wall, Kaavya hugs her and comforts her

The forthcoming episode of the show seems to be holding the key for the future

Anupamaa Update: Anupamaa BANGS her head against the wall, Kaavya hugs her and comforts her
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Last Updated: 12.25 PM, May 18, 2023


The day starts off with an extremely disturbed and distorted Anupamaa stepping inside the Shah House the wedding rituals of Samar and Dimpy. Just as when everyone is getting ready for the pooja, Baa, with her typical acidic tongue asks whether Anuj and Maaya have got married or not. Needless to say that, this embarrasses Anuj very much. And when the panditji tells Anupamaa to get the flowers for the pooja, Anupamaa slips on the floor while Anuj holds her. Seeing them close to each other, Maaya starts gasping for breath. That’s when Anuj ‘leaves’ Anupamaa and goes to attend to Maaya.

Seeing all this, Anupamaa rushes into a room and starts crying by banging her head against the wall. Seeing her crying, Kaavya enters the room and starts consoling Anupamaa. They both hug each other and console each other. Kaavya tells Anupamaa that she should stay strong and not to cry at all. Kaavya tells Anupamaa that, she has now decided to take a break from modelling and that she should be concentrating on being backstage. Seeing Kaavya’s face, Anupamaa does sense something amiss. When asked, she simply slides away from the topic.

On the other side, Paakhi starts crying before Kinjal and tells her that she is just not feeling comfortable seeing everyone’s faces in the marriage. Seeing her cry, Kinjal consoles her saying that she should be happy that her brother is getting married. And when Dimpy sees them in conversation, she asks them the reason to be upset. That's when Paakhi warns her to keep her mouth shut, else she will erupt like a volcano.

Seeing them in a heated conversation, Kinjal tells both of them to shut and concentrate on the wedding. And when panditji tells the parents of the bride and bridegroom to step forward, Anupamaa finds it awkward to sit with Vanraj in the pooja.

SPOILER ALERT: The upcoming episode will see Baa telling everyone that it's better for them to decide the venue of the wedding functions like mehndi and sangeet. That’s when Barkhaa chips in saying, even Anuj wants the same.

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